Review: ‘Ghostbusters International’ #5: The Battle of the Louvre

“VIVA LA LOUVRE.” There’s no such thing as a coincidence, and the open ectoplasmic hostility at the Louvre go a long way towards proving that point. Can the Ghostbusters fend off a spectral assault without damaging one of the greatest art depositories in the known world? Um… can we get back to you on that?

As the team works to find out what is happening at the Louvre, Egon is working to figure out what is going on with the weird markings they keep running into. He stumbles on a lead to a much more powerful puppet master at work. Its nice the plot is finally starting to move a bit. Sure it hard to follow up the last storyline where the Ghostbusters ended up losing the firehouse but this new series really seems to be taking its time with doing anything major with any of the characters. It’s was starting to feel like the purpose of the new book was just to be able to fight ghosts at different European landmarks. Writer Erik Burnham does seem to know where he’s going with the story but just seems to be taking a while to get there.

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The art is striking at the right times. The ghost they fight at the Louvre looks incredible menacing and seems be a homage to the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan. The ghost causes all the different exhibits to come to life which is very creepy to see in motion. Dan Schoening’s art and Luis Antonio Delgado on colors really is a winning combination.

Though they are finally starting to make some connections to the mysterious symbols they keep finding, the new series is moving slower than previous ones. Hopefully the team is leading the readers to a bigger destination. Still, the book remains incredible entertaining filled with the humor and action fans have come to expect. Even if this turns out to be a more average Ghostbusters’ story, it will still be a very entertaining one.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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