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The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season stays true to the formula. In many seasons, the series saves many huge battles or events for second-to-last. “Beyond the Wall” delivers some of the biggest CGI fighting we’ve ever seen. There’s some things that happen inside the Wall, but most of it was boring. What happens beyond the wall promises insane repercussions for the show moving forward.

Jon Snow and his squad have a fantastical outing against the Night King. From a storytelling perspective, their mission is a little too easy to accomplish. Why did one walker not disintegrate with the rest? Perhaps their was an explanation casually mentioned. But storytelling doesn’t change the fact that their action is fantastic. Watching the Westeros force take on the zombie hordes is exciting. Game of Thrones is delivering some of the finest visual action we’ve ever seen.

Game of Thrones

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Dany entering the fray is also phenomenal. Her argument with Tyrion is a little forced and cliche. Her infatuation with Jon Snow also seems a bit rushed. However, it’s hard to be angry about rushed storytelling when dragons start torching White Walkers. In fact, having one of Dany’s dragons die is better for her character. Dany losing a child adds real stakes to her conquest of Westeros.

An aspect of the episode that falls flat is the Stark sisters’ argument. There’s no dragon action in Winterfell, so the rushed argument between Arya and Sansa is obnoxious. This season, each of the Stark kids have been too smart for Littlefinger’s games. To see Arya and Sansa turn on each other so quickly, considering how much they’ve grown, is a bummer. Their fight caters to the worst aspects of their characters, and calls back a period that should’ve been over a while ago.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones didn’t tell the greatest story with “Beyond the Wall.” The show is clearly sprinting to wrap up all the plot lines next season. But this episode is filled with so much amazing action and fan service. From zombie dragons to Benjen Ghost Rider, so much was so cool. Odds are, the Stark sisters will resolve their argument soon. Getting to see such a crazy zombie-dragon battle is hard to forget.


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review-game-of-thrones-beyond-the-wallThe penultimate episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season stays true to the formula. In many seasons, the series saves many huge battles or events for second-to-last. "Beyond the Wall" delivers some of the biggest CGI fighting we've ever seen. There's some things that happen inside...