Review: ‘Future Quest’ #3: Prequels Everywhere

An earth-shattering power has come to life in the jungles of South America, and Team Quest and Birdman race the forces of F.E.A.R. to reach it first! There they find time ripped apart in a lost valley where dinosaurs and cavemen run wild once more as the ancient legend of Mightor is revealed! Only the shipwrecked aliens Jan and Jace hold the secrets of what fate awaits our world, but as a force led by Jezebel Jade attacks, what new hero will rise?


Don’t believe the description for this book. It wasn’t the story which took place at all in the issue. Instead of focusing on Team Quest and adventuring to South America, this issue of Future Quest decides to take a step back and presents two prequel stories. The first showcases Birdman as he works with his partner for the first time while they start to explore his origin. The second does the same, but with the Herculoids, helping to explain their backstory to a new generation who may never have heard it before.

Jeff Parker serves as write on both of these stories which really helps to showcase just how much thought he has put into this world he has built with these character. They simply aren’t appearing out of nowhere without rhyme or reason. Instead, he has taken the time to individually give backstories and motivations to some of the well known characters who may never have had a proper origin before. From these stories alone it’s easy to tell he has a big story to tell with this series.


Future Quest


There two different art teams at work here, one for each story. The Birdman section is by Steve Rude and Steven Buccellato who seem to have been going for an old fashion action comic feel for the story. They succeed in making a very visually appealing throwback.

The Herculoids story was done thanks to Karl Kessel, Aaron Lopresti, and Hi-Fi. Instead of trying for some kind of homage they simply deliver a very contrasting vision between the team who fight without technology and the robotic force they fight against. It’s full of great detail which really helps to set up the origin of the characters.


This issue is fun and helps to show the details they are putting into this series. Now maybe we can finally get back to the story proper, and they can finally introduce Mightor like they have been talking about in the descriptions for the last two books.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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