Another fantastic issue of the series everyone should be reading.

Review: ‘Flintstones’ #10 Is The Perfect Mix Of Drama And Comedy

Bedrock is in ruins and its citizens believe their mayor, Clod the Destroyer, is to blame! Meanwhile, Bamm-Bamm develops his first crush. Can his best friend Pebbles help him get the girl?


Again the description is only half right about what is happening in this issue. Clod the Destroyer does ruin the city but there is nothing about Bamm-Bamm getting a crush. Instead, it features Barney and Fred loving chick flicks such as “Bridges of Madistone County” (which was pretty funny) as Wilma’s art lands her a job. Also, tragedy strikes a member of the cast.

It’s amazing how much we’ve grown attached to these characters. Even though it wasn’t one of the main cast, it does feel like a friend is lost in the course of the issue. Luckily, knowing how much of a dower point this would be, the rest of the issue is peppered with comedy. Jokes about people in power being stupid and the aforementioned sub-plot about the guys sneaking off to watch films in disguise are very amusing. Mark Russell once again delivers a powerful issue which will leave people talking about what is going on in the world and at the same time make them laugh their heads off.



Steven Pugh on art and Chris Chuckry on colors are the perfect team to work on this issue. Their combined efforts deliver a perfect punch of comedy and drama which helps you to laugh and cry at the same time. Also, the pair did a fantastic job with the different dinosaurs drawn in this issue. If there ever is a chance of a reboot of the old series Dino Riders, these two need to be on it.


You’re probably getting sick of this site saying the same thing over and over again, but “Read this book.” It’s just too good not to talk about, especially when the quality hasn’t diminished for a single issue. It’s depressing this series only has two more issues left because if they kept up the quality at this magnitude, the audience would probably keep reading to issue #100.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Another fantastic issue of the series everyone should be reading. Review: 'Flintstones' #10 Is The Perfect Mix Of Drama And Comedy