ELFQUEST: STARGAZER'S HUNT #4's fantastical narrative and artwork provides fans with everything they love about the Elfquest series.

Review: ELFQUEST: STARGAZER’S HUNT #4 And The Bonds Of Family

ELFQUEST: STARGAZER’S HUNT #4 hits comic book stores on Wednesday, October 14th and follows Jink, the daughter of Skywise the Stargazer. While her father is on a mission of his own, the young elf ventures into a tribe of wolfriders. The resulting experience is a tale of familial bonds that reminds us of the importance of reconnection with those closest to us.


The narrative opens with the fan favorite Skywise the Stargazer drifting through space in a seemingly endless sleep. In order to occupy himself, the elf reminisces about the his lifemate, daughter, and the home of the “High Ones.” Readers can sense his deep longing for his family, but unbeknownst to him, his child Jink finds herself amongst the majestic beings themselves. What’s more, her long lost sister reveals she’s been living with them for some time.


Readers join Jink on her quest to find her father, exploring the fantastical world of the High Ones. We follow the young maiden across lush forests, sparkling shorelines, and deep caves. She even finds a romantic partner in Goldruff.

Wendy and Richard Pini’s narrative takes readers on a fantastical quest through the elves’ world. We feel as though we’re right next to Jink as she searches for her father. The strong bond of family colors each panel.


Sonny Strait’s penciling, ink work, and coloring capture the essence of the ElfQuest comics from the eighties. The panels are full of bright colors, sleek elven features, and crisp outlines. In addition, Nate Piekos of Blambot®’s lettering does a brilliant job of differentiating between each form of dialogue. The mental communication, spoken word, and narration are clearly distinguished.


ELFQUEST: STARGAZER’S HUNT #4 provides fans with everything they love about the ElfQuest series. We’re excited to see what adventures Jink embarks on next.

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Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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ELFQUEST: STARGAZER'S HUNT #4's fantastical narrative and artwork provides fans with everything they love about the Elfquest series.Review: ELFQUEST: STARGAZER'S HUNT #4 And The Bonds Of Family