Jim Zub's portrayal of character interactions bring this issue to life.

Review: DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: INFERNAL TIDES #5 Offers The Best Of The Forgotten Realms

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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: INFERNAL TIDES #5, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, July 12th, concludes Jim Zub’s thrilling tale of paladins and hellfire. Our band of heroes is prepped and ready to take the fight to the minions of Zariel. Can they save Elturel in the midst of the Blood War?


DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: INFERNAL TIDES #5 offers the fiery conclusion readers have been waiting for. The entire party comes together to raid Zariel’s stronghold, destroy the Infernal War Machines, and free the realm from her control.

Unfortunately, taking down this imminent threat is more difficult than once though. After a brief scuffle, the band of heroes meet Thavius Kreeg, the High Overseer of Elturel. Rather than restoring order, he’s signed a literal pact with the devil in order to unleash the powers of Hell.

The party finds themselves at the mercy of Kreeg and his golden contract. And though they fight back, all hopes are extinguished when the former righteous Solar, Zariel (now archdevil), makes her appearance. Fortunately, paladin-in-training Aubree is ready to confront the hero-turned-villain. But instead of fighting swords, she plans on employing her words.

Aubree’s heartfelt dialogue with Zariel brings us back to our childhood, reminding us of those times our heroes failed us. Zub’s portrayal of this and other character interactions bring this issue to life.


Max Dunbar’s penciling and ink work, Sebastian Cheng’s coloring, and Neil Uyetake’s lettering gave us illustrations that perfectly captured the thrills of this story. The panels depict the party’s unique fighting styles, employing solid red backdrops to help them stand out. We also loved how the lettering set the tone for this issue’s fantasy theme through the use of scroll-like word balloons.


DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: INFERNAL TIDES #5 is the satisfying conclusion we were waiting for. We’re excited to see more Dungeons & Dragons stories from Zub and team.

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