Doctor Mirage #5 is an amazing final issue that nails every aspect, while tantalizingly teasing the future. The team behind Doctor Mirage has created one of the 2019's top mini-series, thus making it a must-read of the year.

DOCTOR MIRAGE #5 – A Peaceful End And A Fiery First Step

Everything great comes to an end, but as one emotional door closes in DOCTOR MIRAGE #5, another flame-filled entrance makes way for a not so bright future.

Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Yes, this is the end for Valiant Entertainment’s 2019 Doctor Mirage, if you haven’t read the previous issues you’ll surely be behind in the plot department. Check out our reviews for the previous issues or run by your local comic shop and pick them up!

The End is Just The Beginning

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A large amount of 2019’s Doctor Mirage has leaned on the many emotions of its titular character, Dr. Shan Fong. Above all, this statement rings true in the mini-series’ final installment. These varied emotions come in the revelation of what exactly has transpired recently in the Doctors life, and why it has happened. Without going too far into spoiler territory, the story of Doctor Mirage (2019) is the process of grief over a loved one and moving on. This process is written magnificently by Magdalene “Mags” Visaggio with Doctor Mirage #5 bringing it all to a close.

Through all the trials and tribulations Shan has had one thing in mind since she lost the powers of talking to the dead—find Hwen. This goal has seen her stopping at nothing to be connected once more with her dead husband. Visaggio concludes this plot point in a realistic manner that anyone who has struggled through loss can understand. By the end of the issue, Shan comes to accepting of her dead loved one, and loss of powers. Thus concluding with her moving on and the selling of their house.

Visaggio has brought an understandably human side to Shan in the previous issues. Throughout the series, Visaggio has written a character that all readers will enjoy, while relating with. Aside from an amazing plot, this realistic take on the character helps any reader be able to understand Shan’s motives. All of these great character moments and plots come together in a satisfying conclusion. But, every ending is a new beginning as we soon learn in the final pages.

Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Otherworldly Art

In the reviews of the previous issues, I’ve gushed about how great the art team of Nick Robles, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Sharpe are. The top-notch quality the team has portrayed still stands. You’d be hard-pressed to find any singular page that wouldn’t make your wall look gorgeous. Hell, if you hung up the pages of Doctor Mirage #5 in your living room, your guest will ask where you bought this work of art. Interior home design aside, the team behind the art may be one of the best visual teams out there.

Robles’ panel work continues to change up nearly every page, helping keep a constant pace of speed during the moments that need it, or slowing down for the somber pages. During these emotional pages Roble crafts each characters face with enough emotion to carry the plot sans words. On the opposite spectrum of slow moments are the chaotic fights seen throughout Doctor Mirage #5. In these moments Robles crafts a beautiful fluid action set that’s easy to follow, yet gorgeous in its execution.

Taking Robles’ work to the next level are the vibrant colors that Bellaire showcases in psychedelic manners. The magic showcased in Doctor Mirage #5 pop off the page brilliantly as the colors dance around vividly in your head. These magical moments feel like a multicolored fire come to life, that burns bright and beautiful. That doesn’t mean Bellaire paints everything in a fever dream spectrum, with her balancing these moments with dark shades of colors. Finishing the fantastic art is Sharpe’s use of varying lettering techniques. Be it changing the color style for a character possessed, or the continued use of a film clapperboard, Sharpe continues to help make Doctor Mirage visually stunning.

Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

The New Beginning For Doctor Mirage

Looking back the number of issues could be on purpose with the five stages of grief/loss. But, the other Doctor Mirage series’ have the same amount of issues. This thesis warrants a look back at the issues to see if they follow each step, especially with issue fives theme of acceptance. Nonetheless, Doctor Mirage #5 is an amazing ending that nails every aspect, while tantalizingly teasing the future of our beloved Dr. Hopefully the next series keeps the same team of creators, as they made one of the best mini-series of 2019.

Cover Story: Honestly, Shan’s face and eyes on the main cover are freaking terrifying!

Cover By Kano

A Look Back With The Reader

What did you think of the final issue of 2019’s Doctor Mirage? Better yet, what have you thought of the series in full? Let us know below!

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