NIGHTWING #74 upends readers' expectations just as its predecessors in this arc.

Review: NIGHTWING #74 — A Thrilling Battle For Dick Grayson’s Heart

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NIGHTWING #74, available in stores on Tuesday, September 8th, upends readers’ expectations just as its predecessors did in this arc. The Joker has seized complete mental control over our hero—dubbing him “Dickyboy”—and has sent him to terrorize the Bat-Family. Fortunately, it’s this very family that holds the key to Dick Grayson’s freedom. Readers will enjoy a thrilling clash between the two sides as the battle for the heart of Nightwing concludes.


The scene is set; Bea, “Ric’s” love interest, arrives to find the Boy Wonder preparing to fight alongside Robin and the Red Hood. But then, in a move only surprisingly to his former teammates, Dick turns on them and immediately proceeds to pound their faces in.

However, the key panel that completes this moment shows the Joker literally weeping with pride over his new “son.” The madman simply cannot hide the fact that turning a family against each other brings him joy,  and readers (ironically) love him for it. It’s comic characterization at its finest.

Readers soon learn shortly after that a bomb was also placed somewhere in Gotham City, leaving the heroes with another major threat to deal with. Bea, already at her wits’ end, feels hopeless. But like the sun bursting from behind the clouds on a stormy day, Batgirl swoops in to deliver a swift kick of justice.

The fight only gets more exciting from there with the special appearance of another notable member of the Bat-Family. Throughout this and the following scenes, writer Dan Jurgens demonstrates an ability to up the ante at the perfect pace.


Ryan Benjamin’s penciling and and Richard Friend’s ink work is fantastic; the panel showing Dick’s reveal as “Dickyboy” to his former teammates embodies the Joker’s very essence. His entire expression, while on the surface “happy,” contains that unnameable menacing quality fans associate with the Clown Prince of Crime.

Rain Beredo’s coloring gives life to these and other impressive illustrations. Through a mix of darker shades and unnaturally bright hues, readers are kept fully engaged with the narrative. In addition, Andworld Design’s lettering tells the story in its own way through the use of bold fonts to emphasize Dickyboy (and the Joker’s) emphatic manner of speaking.


All in all, NIGHTWING #74 closes one door while opening five more. We are anxious to see what the future holds for this hero who’s mind has undergone so much trauma.

What do you think the Joker’s ultimate goal is? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Sorry I can’t agree with this, we know that Nightwing fans and even those of us who aren’t, appreciate the end of the terrible Ric.

    But this!!! Please was Nightwing’s worst number, unlike Red Hood Outlaws 48 despite not very good art, we present an excellent fight where they both kick their butt, Hood the Joker sends all the artillery towards Jason, he has to fight with a considerable number of Joker sequels and then pushing it to the limit with Puncheline and DickyBoy, the fight is very close, which I liked.

    What was this? Does Hood realize long afterward that he’s the man he fought with? please are trained by the bat! Because otherwise Batman was inept in his Robin training.

    Ok, let’s give it to him, suppose Jason is traumatized by what happened with Duela, but Drake is not able to see Dick’s stupid face and notice that something is not right in DIck? C’mon Drake is a better detective than Bruce, and after DIck just give a beating for the man who Damian and Bruce declared as the best martial arts teacher because Hood was kicked them butt in a several times both of them in seperate and together. That doesn’t only make Hood look bad, if not Damian and the same mentor of all Batman too. That happen when the writer include a character whit out know him, and all the story,

    Another one they forget is Drake who seems to be drawing Damian, they give him some smooth action.
    In the same way, you can see that they included it as filler, but they did not want to damage their reputation. Then they only gave him the deactivation of Bomba that the boy did not know what he did after deactivating it because it took the whole fight.

    It is visible that the team of writers and editors only used them as filler and saying hello Dick is still the maximum due to the series’ downfall. They focused on Batgirl and Bea to be the heroines.

    Let’s recognize that Nightwing has been falling in sales for a long time and they needed to include everyone in the comic to lift it, but please don’t do something so mediocre, at least you document yourself a little or better not include them all to give a ridiculous ending as of family ties.

    Thank you

  2. Lo siento, no puedo estar de acuerdo con esto, sabemos que los fanáticos de Nightwing e incluso aquellos de nosotros que no lo estamos, apreciamos el final del terrible Ric.

    ¡¡¡Pero esto!!! Please fue el peor número de Nightwing, a diferencia de Red Hood Outlaws 48 a pesar de no muy buen arte, presentamos una excelente pelea donde ambos patean sus traseros, Hood the Joker envía toda la artillería hacia Jason, tiene que pelear con una cantidad considerable de secuelas de Joker y luego empujándolo al límite con Puncheline y DickyBoy, la pelea está muy cerrada, lo que me gustó.

    ¿Que era esto? ¿Se da cuenta Hood mucho tiempo después de que él es el hombre con el que luchó? por favor son entrenados por el murciélago! Porque de lo contrario, Batman fue inepto en su entrenamiento de Robin.

    Ok, démosle eso, supongamos que Jason está traumatizado por lo que pasó con Duela, pero Drake no es capaz de ver la cara de estúpido de Dick y notar que algo no está bien en DIck. Vamos Drake es un mejor detective que Bruce, y después de que DIck acaba de darle una paliza al hombre que Damian y Bruce declararon como el mejor maestro de artes marciales porque Hood los pateó en el trasero varias veces, ambos por separado y juntos. Eso no solo hace que Hood se vea mal, si no Damian y el mismo mentor de todo Batman también. Eso sucede cuando el escritor incluye a un personaje que no lo conoce, y toda la historia,

    Otro que olvidan es Drake que parece estar dibujando a Damian, le dan una acción suave.
    De la misma forma, puedes ver que lo incluyeron como relleno, pero no quisieron dañar su reputación. Luego solo le dieron la desactivación de Bomba que el chico no supo lo que hacía después de desactivarla porque le llevó toda la pelea.

    Es visible que el equipo de escritores y editores solo los usó como relleno y decir hola Dick sigue siendo lo máximo debido a la caída de la serie. Se centraron en Batgirl y Bea para que fueran las heroínas.

    Reconozcamos que Nightwing ha estado cayendo en ventas durante mucho tiempo y necesitaban incluir a todos en el cómic para levantarlo, pero por favor no hagas algo tan mediocre, al menos te documentas un poco o mejor no los incluyas a todos para Dar un final ridículo en cuanto a los lazos familiares.

    Thank you.

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