Jody Houser's script encapsulates everything readers love about Critical Role and the Vox Machina party.


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Vox Machina has finally found the necessary ingredients for a mystical exorcism that will save their beloved Grog. CRITICAL ROLE: VOX MACHINA ORIGINS II #6, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, June 3rd, concludes Volume II. Readers will be happy to find this issue brings Team Nightmare and Team Nymph Heart together in the chambers of the Realmseer, one of the most accomplished users of the arcane. But with the evil spirit inhabiting Grog making more frequent appearances, this adventure’s conclusion will be a real nail-biter.


The race to save Grog is at its most crucial moment as our heroes travel to the Realmseer’s study for the ceremony. The ever deepening scar on Grog’s chest spurs the group to quicker action before his body is entirely controlled by Drath.

The heroes eventually arrive at the arcane master’s chambers and commence with the ritual. But the process isn’t as straightforward as one would have hoped. Drath fights back against the magic in brutal fashion, vowing to murder the lot of them.

Jody Houser’s script encapsulates everything readers love about Critical Role and the Vox Machina party. We’re enthralled by this band of heroes who offer quirky looks at their life despite the sobering conditions surround them. The strength of their personalities is only matched by the action-packed sequences.


Olivia Samson’s penciling and ink work, Msassyk’s coloring, and Ariana Maher’s lettering offered the perfect tapestry for this issue. Readers get clear depictions of desperation on each hero’s face as they race across the sprawling landscapes, filled with greens, browns, and other earthy hues. We feel as if we’re inhabitants of this world and a part of the story. And the font styling adds to the high intensity of the situation, employing large and small sizing when applicable.


Dark Horse’s CRITICAL ROLE: VOX MACHINA ORIGINS II #6 is exactly the conclusion we were waiting for. We find an ending that closes one door and opens a dozen more.

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