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Cable easily handles Galactus, Frank takes on a sea of Marvel heroes, and Uatu becomes a babysitter all in this week’s COSMIC GHOST RIDER #3 by the insanely creative Donny Cates. Let’s time slide by one into this issue!

WRITTEN BY: Donny Cates
ART BY: Dylan Burnett
COLORS: Antonio Fabela
LETTERS: Clayton Cowles


Spoilers 24


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Cosmic Ghost Rider 3-2


The Cosmic Ghost Rider fights off Cable, the new Guardians of the Galaxy from that timeline, and basically, every other Marvel character Cable can time slide at him. While Frank fights off Cable’s horde of heroes from the future, Uatu babysits Thanos to make sure he doesn’t watch any of the bloodsheds. However, this doesn’t work out very well, and Thanos gets in on the action. After Frank takes everyone out, the issue ends with Thanos arriving from the future wearing a Punisher outfit and calling Frank “Dad.” WHAT! Could this story get anymore more nuts?

Cosmic Ghost Rider 3-1

The Goods

The imagination and creativity of Cates can’t be matched right now. After reading Cosmic Ghost Rider #3, your jaw will drop in utter amazement. Cates’ witty humor, as well as his innovative and original ideas, from Howard the Duck as Juggernaut, Pym Particles to stop Galactus, or even his brilliant use of Cable time sliding to grab 100’s of heroes to help, will blow your mind.

Also, through all the chaos, the battles, and insane character guest spots, the plot is so incredibly easy to follow. From the first page, Cates’ story is filled with relentless action leaving fans enraptured by the story. Maybe it’s the fact that Cates is given free rein to do practically anything in this story without any repercussions (at least that we know of), but Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 is what can happen when a writer is given latitude to explore the universe, it’s history, and it’s characters without the concern of continuity and backlash. Fans need more writers like Cates.

Cosmic Ghost Rider 3-3

The Art

Dylan Burnett’s art has a bit of Saturday morning cartoon mixed with his own wild, kinetic, and bloody flare. There is no doubt that Burnett had a great time drawing this issue. His art style is over the top but often times busy and hard to follow with so much happening on each page. Occasionally, this reviewer treated each page as an Easter Egg Hunt trying to spot all the cameos of severed heads of heroes sprinkled throughout the pages. Also, Burnett’s punk rock feel fits well with Cates’ theme for the book.

Furthermore, Antonio Fabela’s colors seemed warm, muddy, and dull at times taking away from some of the action and battle scenes. However, Fabela’s color choices fit the dark and twisted mood of the comic well. Clayton Cowles letters escorted the reader through the story efficiently and helped to focus your attention on the explosive areas of the issue. Overall, the art team didn’t take anything away from the issue. However, the issue wasn’t as crisp, clean, and detailed as some may prefer.

Cosmic Ghost Rider 3-4

Should you buy this issue and/ or add it to your pull list?

Call your comic shop now! Tell them you want  Cosmic Ghost Rider #1-3 AND that you want the rest of the series added to your pull list. Cates is not holding anything back, and you genuinely don’t want to miss the next issue with Thanos as the Punisher. The art may not be my cup of tea, but it certainly does the job nicely and adds that particular burst to each page taking this series to another level. Cates is on fire right now, and everyone just needs to get out of his way and let the man “do what he does!” As a fan, just kick back and watch the craziness unfold. Trust me; you’ll love every minute of it!

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review-cosmic-ghost-rider-3-donny-cates-is-unstoppableCable handles Galactus, Frank takes on the MCU, and Uatu becomes a babysitter all in this week’s COSMIC GHOST RIDER #3 by the insanely creative Donny Cates.