Review: Clint 2.1 (8.5/10) Now with even more Mark Millar

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Issue: Clint 2.1
Mark Waid and various others
Pencils: various
Publisher: Millar World
Release Date:
May 2012

CLiNT #2.1 highlights include:


Comic Strips:
– Supercrooks Chapter 1 by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu
– The Secret Service Chapter 1 by Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons and Matthew Vaughn
– Death Sentence Chapter 1 by MontyNero and Mike Dowling
– Rex Royd: Invasion Chapter 1 by Frankie Boyle and Mike Dowling

– Maximum Millarworld movie round-up!
– Frankie Boyle and Mike Dowling introduce Rex Royd!
– 20 years of Lenore! Roman Dirge digs up the little dead girl!
– Who is Clint? An Investigation!
– Vern’s Badass Cinema 101!

Overall magazine rating 8.5 out 10

What worked for this magazine is all the comic strips. Mark Millar works with very talented creators and it shows in this issue. What separates Clint from any other magazine is that reading the issue is like sitting at the pub drinking a pint with Millar and friends. You can tell that they are trying to engage the reader and then encourage them to interact after reading, online with Facebook and Twitter.

What also works is the price of the magazine, it’s cheaper than some Marvel books. Four comics plus commentary for $6.99 is good bargain these days in a comic book shop. Also there are no advertisements in the book, you get pure Mark Millar and company and plenty of it.

What doesn’t work is the format. This could be a U.S. thing but reading comics in magazine form just doesn’t work. Also, what separates comics from magazines is that there is a chance that the book could be worth something in the future. This is happening a lot more, currently with Image books. If Clint was like Dark Horse Presents I think it would sell better and would not seem foreign. Plus, collectors would buy the issue looking for the next great character or story.

Clint #2.1 is a great change of pace read loaded with talent and great artwork!

Clint’s PR rep Ricky Claydon wanted me to add this piece about the book and subscription deal.
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