Review: ‘Brutal Nature’ #2: Soul Searching

As the young native known as Ich continues to terrorize the Spanish conquerors, a new enemy arrives on the shores of the New World. An enemy that fights for God and country. An enemy that will stop at nothing to subdue the primal power that Ich and his people wield!

This issue is all about journeys. For Ich, it’s a journey through the soul as he works towards figuring out his next move. For Sebastian, it’s a hunt to find Ich and track him down but more is revealed about this enforcer of god’s law in the second issue. He is revealed to be a demon (hinted at in the previous issue) and the silent man who follows him is not some kind of illusion but is instead an assassin who is only known as “The German.” It was a bit hard to tell in issue one what he was as the character says nothing and disappeared from panel to panel. Considering this is a series with magical masks and worms which take people on soul searching walkabouts, it becomes easy to question what is real and what is an illusion. Still, this intrigue will help to keep readers engaged.



Not much action takes place compared to the previous issue. It’s easy to see this issue’s purpose is to deliver more backstory about the characters and where each is coming from. Luckily, Ariel Olivetti’s art hasn’t diminish in quality and the look of the world he is crafting is still intense, detailed, and incredibly eye pleasing. Fans of art in comics need to make sure to give this comic a read as the time and effort which went into creating it translates onto the page.

The series is still engaging but the lack of any real action scenes really hinders this second issue especially with the fact it’s part of a miniseries and halfway of the story has been told. Still, the art is engaging and the series is shaping up to be one of the best Graphic Novels which will be produced this year once all the individual issues are collected.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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