Barnett's script in this issue and last's provides readers with a more lighthearted tale to provide balance to the previous arc.

Review: BOOKS OF MAGIC #20 – The Party Never Ends!

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BOOKS OF MAGIC #20 hits comic book stores on Tuesday, June 23rd, concluding writer David Barnett’s two-part arc featuring the realm of Festival. Last issue Timothy Hunter and his new crush Izzy found themselves inadvertently traveling to this locale while attempting to find the Glastonbury Festival. There they ran into Twig, an old time rocker looking for his friend Geoff. The trio then finds good news and bad news; Geoff is in Festival, but he’s refusing to let anyone else leave.


By some unknown means, it appears Geoff has gained complete control over the realm of Festival. So much control, in fact, that he was able to coordinate the mass influx of beings from all of the magical realms.

Tim, being of the most sober mind we’ve seen him in his current run, immediately attempts to reason with Geoff (with Twig’s help). But the newly crowned king of Festival reveals he has no intention of returning to his disappointing mortal life for reasons readers will be anxious to learn.

Barnett’s script in this issue and last’s provides readers with a more lighthearted tale to provide balance to the previous arc. Coming out of a darker arc into a story that focuses on the zany unpredictability of magical realms like Festival was just what we needed.


Tom Fowler’s penciling and Craig Taillefer’s ink work, Marissa Louise’s coloring, and Todd Klein’s lettering created a brilliant visual representation of Festival. The illustrations of the events taking place in Festival are full of bright colors and detailed designs. One can feel the energy from each page. And the lettering adds to this with effective use of onomatopoeia, making it look like the words part of the scenes themselves.


BOOKS OF MAGIC #20 offered a heart-felt conclusion to this arc. We’re so used to darker storylines in this series; it’s nice to let some light shine through every now and then.

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