REVIEW: 11 Reasons To Dive Into The Heavy Noir Of ‘The Black Hood’ #4

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Greg Hettinger, formerly known as the Black Hood, was living as a vagrant in California after giving up his life of turmoil as a masked vigilante in Philly. He just wanted trouble to stop following him wherever he went, but even living on the fringes of society couldn’t prevent that. His need to help others and stop to stay hot on his trail. The Nobody’s been scouring the country to find Greg, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He’s dead-set on undoing Greg’s heroic work, creating a higher body count everywhere that Greg has stepped foot. Now Greg Hettinger has traveled thousands of miles to end up back in Philadelphia, where his nightmare began—and where his adversaries are waiting, as well as another man wearing a black hood, who claims that Greg stole his life…

Black HoodThe Black Hood Season 2 #4
“The Nobody Murders Pt. 4”

Written by:
Duane Swierczynski
Art by: Greg Scott
Colors by: 
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Lettering by:
Rachel Deering
Published by Dark Circle Comics, an imprint of Archie Comics

The Black Hood Season 2#4 finally builds up to a moment we have been waiting for some time now, Black Hood vs. Black Hood. It’s been a slow burn, but the encounter was worth the wait. Read on for 11 reasons The Black Hood Season 2#4 is a solid chapter in what is leading up to be a solid entry in noir/crime comics.Black Hood

  1. The atmosphere. Greg Scott and Kelly Fitzpatrick create some classic noir visuals.
  2. Duane Swiecrczynki’s ability to craft a tense, well-paced narrative.
  3. Black Hood vs. Black Hood! ‘Nuff said.
  4. Rachel Deering’s subtle, yet excellent lettering work. It’s the perfect use of font as sound effects. Used when needed, only adding to the intensity of the moment.
  5. How main character Hettinger is a true noir hero. He’s more than a little flawed, he is damaged goods. Yet still, he draws sympathy and understanding from the reader.
  6. The deceptively simple page layouts that give the story it’s excellent pacing.
  7. The very cool backup story reprinting the bronze-age Black Hood stories.
  8. Greg Scott’s detail in drawing emotion on faces.
  9. How Mr. Nobody’s back story is slowly doled out, creating a truly enigmatic and scary villain.
  10. The way the story circles back to include the events in ‘Season One’.
  11. Yet another great cliffhanger (looks like season’s end is coming soon!)

Black HoodThis book can stand alongside the Brubaker/Phillips books as hard-hitting crime comics. Pick it up for something different, dark and disturbing.

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review-blackhood-season-two-issue-fourSolid crime/noir/superhero hybrid.