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Babyface Bayley is the perkiest person on the WWE roster, and she’s simply a force to be reckoned with in BOOM! Studios WWE #15.

WWE 15 - Main Cover


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There’s no doubt that Bayley was disappointed to be left behind in NXT when the rest of the Four Horsewomen (Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch) were brought up to the main roster of WWE. While we were left with an optimistic impression of her rise in last month’s story, we quickly learn that isn’t necessarily an easy task.

Bayley’s motivation to get better is fueled by her friends’ success, and we’re able to get inside her head and struggle with her. She soon runs roughshod through the NXT Women’s Division, but is it enough to prove her worth in the WWE? Dennis Hopeless leaves us wanting to know what’s next for The Huggable One.

WWE 15 - RAW and 'Ritos


As usual, Serg Acuna gets these characters. We understand Bayley’s determination, her skepticism, her joy. We recognize Sasha’s confidence and vanity. And we notice Charlotte and Becky hanging back; they’re almost cautious when interacting with the other two ladies.

The highlight of the issue is the match between Bayley and Sasha at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn before Summerslam 2015. I remember watching this match live, and Acuna portrays this action with the same energy, passion, and vitality that the night brought about.

Bayley’s friendly interactions and gym panels are light and colorful, while Doug Garbark uses more intense colors and darker tones during the matches. These color choices are perfect for the contrasting emotions that Bayley is experiencing.


Tini Howard continues her introduction of Asuka to the NXT world in the next installment of her short story. Language definitely isn’t an issue for The Empress of Tomorrow, as her actions speak louder than her words, as Hyoenjin Kim depicts in his illustrations.  The story and artwork are a crisp and cutting, much like Asuka’s temperament.


Watching the NXT talent perform is sometimes more fun than watching the main roster Superstars. Their drive for success, their passion for progress, and their desire for victory is evident, and Bayley was no exception.  We know that she eventually makes it to the main roster, but what obstacles does she have ahead before she makes that jump? I can’t wait for next month’s issue to find out.

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review-bayley-busts-her-ass-in-wwe-15The Women's Revolution is in full swing, and this story is a fun portrayal of Bayley's mental and physical battle to get noticed. I'm ready for her to "turn it up and give me some more!"