Review: 11 Reasons That Make ‘Batman’ #19 A Must Read Comic Book

"Through me you pass into the city of woe"

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As Batman lays injured, Bane works his way through Arkham Asylum, fighting his way against its madmen and madness, on a single-minded quest to reach Roger Hayden aka The Psycho-Pirate. But what is Batman’s ultimate game plan against Bane? What will happen when these two men collide?

Batman #19Batman #19

“I Am Bane (Part 4)”
Publisher: DC Comics
Written by 
Tom King
Penciled by:
 David Finch
Inked by:
Danny Miki, Trevor Scott & Sandra Hope
Colored by:
Jordie Bellaire

Batman #19 was one of the most intense and expertly plotted comics I have read in a while. The pacing was relentless and the structure of the issue was fantastic. A sort of tour of Arkham and its inmates, it was the best use of Batman’s Rogues Gallery I have read since both The Long Halloween and Hush.  And the art was pretty much untouchable. With all of that in mind, here are 11 things to love about Batman #19.Batman #19

  1. The way writer Tom King captures each villain’s distinct traits and tropes with dialogue and speeches.
  2. The tense pacing – using timestamps to track the 24 hour period of Bane’s fight.
  3. Batman weaponizing both Arkham Asylum and its inmates.
  4. Alfred’s continued portrayal as a resourceful and much-needed asset to Batman.
  5. David Finch’s rendering of Bane (frightening) and all the other villains (terrifying).
  6. “Same Bat-time, Same Bat-Channel”
  7. King’s showing us a vulnerable and emotional Bruce Wayne
  8. “He hung my son from a rock in a cave.”
  9. The quick nods and easter eggs to New Gods and their technology.
  10. Riddler’s part in Bane’s plan.
  11. The much welcome appearance by Maxi Zeus, bookending the entire issue.

Batman #19There you have it readers. Only one more issue to go in this current arc, and the build-up has been amazing. If it all ends next month as good as it has been so far, we may have the most definitive Bane storyline since Knightfall.

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review-batman-issue-nineteen'Batman: I Am Bane' continues to be intense and relentless.