Good to see Terry back in the suit, now maybe the plot will move forward.

Review: ‘Batman Beyond’ #4: Suit Up!

The deadly secret behind the newly risen Joker is revealed, and it’s about to shake up Terry McGinnis’ world! Terminal has been using the existence of the Clown Prince of Crime to set himself up as the leader of the anarchic gang of Jokerz, but this new revelation may even put his own criminal empire in jeopardy. This is a turning-point chapter in the life of the Batman of the future.


The revelation of the previous issue doesn’t come into play much here. Instead, this issue serves to debut the new batsuit Terry will be wearing during this series. It has a distinct look to it and some wonderful toys for him to beat bad guys with. Nothing like a good fight scene with Batman gadgets to help the reader remember what makes the character so entertaining to follow.

Unfortunately, the story is moving very slowly with little advancement. Terry needs to make up for the lost time he spent temporary dead before coming back to life thanks to the events of Rebirth. Writer Dan Jurgens has properly set the stage and caught the audience up with what’s happening in the future world. This storyline just needs to end so events can get moving from here on.

Batman Beyond


Pete Woods takes over on art and color in this issue. He keeps the same tone as previous issues which helps to capture the gritty cyberpunk future but thanks to some great effect work helps to make the issue stand out a bit more. Also the abilities and features he shows with the new batsuit are very impressive.


Lots of good build-up here, but there has been enough of an introduction for this comic. It’s time to see what Terry can do as a Batman without Bruce Wayne constantly backing him up. He’s had a long ride as a character and he deserves to finally spread his wings fly.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Good to see Terry back in the suit, now maybe the plot will move forward. Review: 'Batman Beyond' #4: Suit Up!