Review: ‘Back To The Future: Citizen Brown’ #4: Necessary Maintenance


Marty escapes the alternate present of 1986-B, fleeing back to 1931 to correct the time stream — all he has to do is break a couple of hearts. But one man sets out to stop him: Doc Brown! The future hangs in the balance!


The story by Erik Burnham, based on the original video game, has really experienced some highs and lows. This issue though is somewhere right in the middle. It picks up from last issue’s cliffhanger and finds a way for Doc and Marty to break out of their predicament. From there though, the issue slows down and almost lets itself coast to the finish line.


Keeping in mind this was based on a game, this issue almost feels like they could have ended the game (story) here and everything would have worked out in the end. It kind of makes it so the last episode is just tacked on the end because they needed one more good twist to keep the game play interesting. This isn’t really Burnham’s fault, but unfortunately it feels like the next issue will be unnecessary.

Back To The Future


The art still remains on point with helping to showcase the difference in the settings and the characters thought the two time periods. One of the better details through the issue is how Doc Brown’s thick beard helps to make him look haggard and exhausted. It’s the little details by artist Alan Robinson that shine through.


The story is coming together, but the more of this series which comes out, the more it feels like it will work better as a full graphic novel. Basically it might be best just to wait for the entire miniseries to be collected before finally taking the time to read this book. Only hardcore fans of Back to the Future should consider picking this up issue by issue.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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