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After the intense battle in the previous episode of Attack On Titan, this one decides to take the time to look at the mysterious Kenny and his relationship to Levi. Is more human drama a good thing or will this be the last straw which will make fans stop watching the show?


Heavily injured, Kenny reflects on his life and the impact he had on Levi.


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A lot of mysteries and information has unfolded in this season’s Attack On Titan. The information about the Royal Family, Eren’s father, and how everything is so tightly connected. Here, as Kenny lies dying against the tree, his story, and how he met Levi unfolds. The most interesting aspect comes from the Ackerman family themselves. They were a disgraced line of the royal family which means they can’t be mind controlled. This has left them with no choice but to live in shame and poverty. Truly a sad state of affairs.

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Despite how much of an immoral human being Kenny is presented as, this episode tries its best to generate the proverbial “sympathy for the devil.” By showcasing all the hardships Kenny has undergone and the fact he actually did have something he believed in he comes off as scoundrel. Unfortunately, instead of connecting with Levi as they start to grow, Kenny decided to walk away. Maybe if the Kenny had just put down his weapons and raised Levi like a son, the two would have had better life. Of course if this scenario did play out, Levi wouldn’t become the insane Titan killing soldier everyone knows him as. Probably is better Kenny became a selfish individual and walked away from Levi.

The episodes ends with a cliffhanger for what fans can expect to come next. By the look of it, they can expect a lot of brutal Titan action to come in the future. Which is a good thing because despite how good this episode is, there is only so much intense drama resulting from a flashback which expands on the secrets behind this series the audience can take. Wait…what did the episode preview just say? Another episode which does exactly what was just described? Damn it!

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