Monkeys Fighting Robots

After many weeks without any human on Titan action, Attack On Titan finally returns to its roots and delivers what many have been voicing as the main element which has been missing during this season. How does it compare to previous fights in the series?


As the Rod Reiss Titan draws near, the scouts launch one desperate attack to protect the citizens.



Once again Eren and Historia steal the show. Historia doesn’t get as much screentime but she does help to showcase the strength she has garnished over the course of this season. She also displays why she is going a great Queen as she understands how the citizens think and know they won’t simple accept someone who just says “I’m royalty. Worship me.” Instead she finds a way, through actions to demonstrates to the common people how far she is willing to go to protect them.

Attack On Titan

Eren’s character moment is less as enpowering as Historia’s. Sure by the end of it he is able to get himself psyched up for battle and get his head in the game but he achieves this by diving into a large amount of self-pity and punching himself in the face repeatedly. Oh well could be worse. There are some anime characters who have gone entire seasons before shrug off what he was dealing with.

The actual fight against the Titan doesn’t go on long but it does deliever some very impressive action moments. Thanks to well timed and delicate planning, the scouts are able to execute the manuvuer with as little casualties as possible. Not the most nail biting fight ever but it has some great visuals and a very distrubing looking Titan which will be sure to reseonate with many on first glance. All in all another great episode for the season.

Attack On Titan is streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV.