Jeff Lemire's masterful storytelling immerses readers in the narrative after just a few short events.

Review: ASCENDER #11 Brings Back Driller In Spectacular Fashion

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ASCENDER #11, available in comic book stores Wednesday, July 29th, brings back one of Descender loyalists most favorite characters. Driller, the massive robot bodyguard of Tim-21 from the previous series, is introduced to Mila, Telsa, and Hilda by his old friend Mizerd. But unfortunately, the meeting is cut short by Mila’s pursuers. Can Driller save the day?


The narrative first brings readers to an important memory of Mizerd, one in which he escapes with Digger for dear life. We’re reminded of the magical forces who used their incredible might to wipe away all bots. And though the twosome escaped from this threat, the magic unleashed didn’t let them rest for long.

In an immediate change of pace, readers are brought back to the present as Mizerd proclaims his joy from finding Mila. The reason? Her unprecedented level of magical ability.

Despite her denial of being a “witch,” we’re given the glimmer of hope we’ve been waiting for in this one-sided battle against Mother’s forces. And less she have any doubts, Driller is ready and willing to help further her quest.

Jeff Lemire’s masterful storytelling immerses readers in the narrative after just a few short events. Even if we knew little of the characters from Descender, we’re pulled into their story through their strong personalities.


The illustrations from Dustin Nguyen and lettering form Steve Wands were a pleasure to view. Each panel contains the characteristic Nguyen style readers love—illustrations that look simple at first glance, but contain highly intricate details at a closer look. These characters are brought to life by such features, from the wrinkles on the vampires’ skins to the strands of Tesla’s brilliant red hair. Additionally, the font styles further emphasize each character’s many of speech, specifically with the computeresque type in Digger’s dialogue.


ASCENDER #11 introduces an old fan favorite in an incredibly entertaining way. We look forward to more potential returns of characters from the previous series.

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