Review: Amazing Spider-Man #679 – Oh, look…New York doesn’t get destroyed after all!

Amazing Spider-Man #679
Writer: Dan Slott
Art: Humberto Ramos [Pencil], Victor Olazaba [Inks], and Edgar Delgado [Color]

Surprise! New York didn’t get destroyed after all!

The conclusion to Dan Slott’s time-hopping, hero-overcoming-seemingly-insurmountable-odds story might not be all that surprising–unless you really thought Spider-Man would fail 21 issues away from #700, and just a few issues away from the big “Ends of the Earth” storyline–but it’s the little things in this tale that count.

To recap, Peter Parker’s Horizon Labs co-worker Grady Scraps created an invention that was essentially a doorway into tomorrow.  When Peter stepped through the door, however, the originally “good Tuesday” became “bad Tuesday” because Peter/Spider-Man had not been present the entire previous day.  Grady had, however, conveniently grabbed a newspaper from “good Tuesday,” which detailed everything Spidey was supposed to do that day–giving he and Pete the idea that as long as Spidey did everything that paper said he did the previous day, “bad Tuesday” would be averted.

Are you keeping up with me here?

As I pointed out a few weeks ago in my review of Amazing Spider-Man #678, this story does seem a bit like filler material as the aforementioned “Ends of the Earth” event approaches.  “Filler,” however, isn’t necessarily a bad word here, though.  Slott works in little details and plot threads that still make the book worth every penny.  For example(s), the event Spider-Man is supposed to prevent isn’t what you would think it was, Silver Sable apparently has the hots for Spider-Man, and there’s even some more hinting (or maybe just teasing) at the rekindling of the Peter/MJ romance.

On top of that, Humberto Ramos and co. hit another one out of the park.  The amount of storytelling in this issue’s facial expressions and body language alone would seal the deal on this even if it were just a run-of-the-mill story without the aforementioned plot details.

Why are you still reading this?  Go buy these past two issues now!

STORY: 9/10
ART: 9/10

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Roger Riddell
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