Review: Amazing Spider-Man #675 OR “Spider-Man Team-Up: Ex-Girlfriend Edition!”

Amazing Spider-Man #675
Writer:  Dan Slott
Art:  Giuseppe Camuncoli [pencils], Klaus Janson [inks] and Frank D’Armata [colors] 

Last issue saw the return of the Vulturions.  If you can remember way back to the ’80s, they were those annoying little bastards that did all of the Vulture’s work for him.

Well, the new Vulturions are goofy-looking goth kids who nobody seems to want to refer to as Vulturions.  They’re still causing trouble in this issue, at least until Spidey runs into them.


And even HE doesn’t make a Vulturion reference or wisecrack.


Anyways, I’ll overlook that…for now.  In Amazing Spider-Man #675, Slott concludes his ‘return of the original Vulture’ story with a team-up in the mighty Marvel manner, as the Amazing Spider-Man teams up with…his recent ex-girlfriend Carlie Cooper.

It works, though.  The dialogue between Peter Parker (as Spidey) and Carlie (who ditched Pete after figuring out he was Spider-Man) carries all of the tension present between recently split couples — although most couples don’t involve a CSI detective and a guy with the proportional strength, speed and agility of a spider. Even the facial expressions convey an uneasy air when the two are interacting, which is a testament to Giuseppe Camuncoli’s absolutely gorgeous art and made all the more better by Klaus Janson and Frank D’Armata’s inks and colors.

The Vulture looks absolutely creepy in this story, as he should.  I’m wondering, however, what happened to his wings?  I know they were pretty much just for aesthetic purposes since the harness he wore used magnetic fields to keep him defying gravity and in “flight,” but he just looks weird and even creepier floating there with no “wings” attached to his arms.

Anyhow, I digress.  This two-parter does a solid job of reintroducing O.G. Vulture, Adrian Toomes, and establishing him once again as a credible threat to Spider-Man — which is saying a lot, considering Toomes has to be an octogenarian at this point.  I’m still wondering, however, what happened to the more recent Vulture that had the red suit, Predator-like mouth, and acid spit.

It’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t cross paths with Toomes or his delinquent goth mini-mes while they were pulling heists, but that’s probably a story for another time.

STORY:  9/10
ART:  9/10 

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Roger Riddell
Roger Riddell
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