AVENGERS #40 opens up the next big installment of the Phoenix saga.

Review: A Fight To Claim The Phoenix Force In AVENGERS #40

AVENGERS #40, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, December 30th, introduces a brand new Avengers chapter featuring the Phoenix Force. After landing on Earth, the cosmic being is once again looking for a new host. But the rules are different this time—it turns out the Phoenix wants to pit Earth’s most powerful creatures against one another in order to determine who’s most worthy of its power. The resulting tale is a thrilling addition to the Phoenix’s history in the Marvel Universe.


Readers get a glimpse into the mind of Captain America at the beginning of this issue, set in a ravaged landscape unfamiliar to us. The star-spangled Avenger thinks about what other heroes would do on his predicament before laying out what’s going through his mind.

An enraged Doctor Doom soon arrives, and the two begin duking it out. What’s interesting to note is the blazing Phoenix power shared between them. But just before we can grasp what’s going on, the scene shifts to the past. Here, readers will learn how Cap, Doom, and the others become wrapped up in this crazy fight.

Jason Aaron’s narrative technique—throwing readers into the present scene, with context added along the way—is a brilliant way to tell this story. We get small pieces of what led up to the one-on-one fight so as not to move too quickly through the action.


We were thrilled to see such extravagant artwork within this issue. Javier Garrón’s penciling and ink work, alongside David Curiel’s coloring, casts marvelous illustrations of Cap, Doom, and others in flowing embers of yellow, orange, and red. These elements help capture the essence of the Phoenix. In addition, VC’s Cory Petit’s lettering places the dialogue strategically to guide readers through each scene.


AVENGERS #40 introduces the next big installment of the Phoenix saga. The setup looks promising; we hope the story expands Phoenix lore even further.

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Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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Review: A Fight To Claim The Phoenix Force In AVENGERS #40AVENGERS #40 opens up the next big installment of the Phoenix saga.