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Our favorite adamantium-bonded mutant is finally back, and in spectacular fashion. Return Of Wolverine #1 explodes and satisfies, completely drenched in blood.

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Whether you’ve been keeping up with all those Hunt For Wolverine tie-ins or not, the time has come to celebrate the return of the Logan we all grew up with. The James Howlett we all emulate every time we stick pens or knives in between our knuckles. The man with no-doubt the longest Marvel Wiki page. His glorious return to comic books makes the Marvel landscape that much more exciting.

We’ve been waiting for this since 2014’s Death Of Wolverine. We’ve seen a few flashes of him throughout the Marvel line of comics since Marvel Legacy #1, but those only increased anticipation of this official reintroduction to our lives.

Writer Charles Soule knew he had to craft a story that did more than just threw Wolverine back into action–and he did just that. Return Of Wolverine #1 is massive love letter to one of the most cherished characters in all of comics. It’s also a brutal and gruesome rebirth of a hero that’s just been off the board for too long.

Mysteries are something that Charles Soule is very good at crafting and unraveling. Readers will be right there along with Wolverine as he tries to navigate and piece together his surroundings and just what hell is going on.

Who are these scientists suffering around every corner? Who is this villainous devil, Persephone? Who are we supposed to trust and how does Logan fit into it all? Is that Omega Red?! There’s plenty of questions being asked and knowing that Soule is behind the wheel means the answers will most likely be satisfying ones.

Having Logan slowly piece together who is through that gigantic prison of characters is a brilliant device. We see the savage animal, the blue & yellow hero and Patch among some of Logan’s supporting cast members. This historical “personality prison” will revisit the long history we love to celebrate while reminding us who the hero before us really is.

The story Ana tells us about why Wolverine wears his classic yellow & blue colors was an effective flex of inspiration (even if he follows that up by debuting a different look). Wolverine is always down on himself for being a murderer. His reputation as a legendary hero has always been through the eyes of others.

Return Of Wolverine #1’s biggest hits come from the phenomenal art team. It’s great to have Wolverine back, but the way he’s depicted here is what blows the doors off of the hype-bus.

This issue gives Wolverine a rebirth and baptism in blood–in the best way possible. Colorist Laura Martin makes every panel, oozing with blood and pain, into a striking display of carnage. Logan has really been through some shit, and he’s wearing it all over his body. Martin keeps the visuals from going overboard while making each page pop.

Steve McNiven and inker Jay Leisten are the MVPs of this issue. It’s not just that we get a great looking Wolverine, but we get the best Wolverine possible. He’s a bloody, shaggy,  hairy mess. He’s not a handsome or slick stud superhero, he’s a rugged animal that wears his experience all over his body.

Logan’s attitude, posture, and demeanor are striking. He looks like a culmination of all the best Wolverine comics of the 90s. The visuals on display here exceed expectations and elevate a solid script into a comic you’re going to want to reread immediately.

Letterer Joe Sabino puts forth a notable effort. Great lettering is that which you barely notice. Sabino’s letters in Return Of Wolverine #1 are almost impossible not to notice, they evolve along with the story as things start to unfold.

The new costume may not be the most satisfying reveal after an ode to his classic costume, but it’s nowhere near his worst look. We don’t need to get into Wolverine’s new “hot claws” ability yet, we only see it for a single shot.

Marvel has been on fire with bringing back their long dead characters of note. This wave of resurrections has been monumental in Marvel clawing their way back to domination of comic book shelves.

Return Of Wolverine #1 fires on all cylinders. This is exactly what we’ve been waiting for and more. Steve McNiven puts on a spectacular show while Charles Soule begins taking us on a blood-covered mystery. This epic return of our favorite mutant is stupendous in every possible way.

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