Kalimur Delivers Another Promising Project With Redemption

Kalimur is a Connecticut based Alternative Rock Band that came into to public eye a few years ago with the release of their first LP, Ghost We Used to Know. I was able to conduct an interview with them a while back (the link to that interview can be found here). The main point that they made about this new album is that it is more emotional and a it darker than their previous work. I am here to say that they definitely delivered on their promise. Redemption primarily deals with themes of hardship and overcoming Redemption Reviewdifficulties in one’s life. Lyrically, I think this is some of their best work yet. Never before has the band been so poetic. Though there are instances in this album where the songs have sounded similar to other projects, each individual song is unique in it’s own right and this ultimately is what makes this album a great project. My only real complaint about this album was how some of the songs ended in an odd and sometimes abrupt fashion. Though this was a minor and passable detail, it kind of set a tone that remained consistent in the album. Though this differentiate songs from one another, it impaired the overall flow and transitions on this album. However, this ultimately was not enough to impair my listening experience. Though this album does not exactly push the boundaries of Alternative Rock, it still ultimately proves to be a solid effort. Looking back, I honestly found this album to be really enjoyable and I am truly excited to see how this affects the band’s overall success. These guys truly deserve all the success that they get and I am proud to have been able to speak with them. I wish you guys the best of luck.

You can buy Redemption off Itunes, Spotify, or from the band’s website, http://www.kalimurband.com/.

Sam Casale
Sam Casale
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