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Marvel Comics has released a second printing of Iron Fist Epic Collection Volume 1, “The Fury of Iron Fist”, chronicling the kung fu superhero’s earliest tales.

The book collects Marvel Premiere #15-25, Iron Fist #1-15, and Marvel Team-Up #63-64. It’s written by Chris Claremont, Roy Thomas, Len Wein, Doug Moench, and Tony Isabella, and pencilled by John Byrne, Larry Hama, Gil Kane, Arvell Jones, and Pat Broderick. The great inkers, colorists, and letterers are too many to name, unfortunately, in a collection spanning over three years and three series.

You get a ton of iconic Iron Fist moments packed into this $40 book. There’s the origin of Iron Fist, the search for Colleen Wing, and the first appearance of Sabertooth, plus meetings, team-ups, and even battles with the likes of Misty Knight, Iron Man, and Captain America. Any fan of the Netflix series that wants to know more about Danny Rand needs to pick up his first Epic Collection.

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Of course, with so many different writers and artists, there are many different styles present here. But you get to see the evolution of Iron Fist comics in their early days, which is amazing, and part of what makes these Marvel Epic Collections so great. Regardless, as a whole, Iron Fist continually delivers kick-ass kung fu action throughout.

The earliest stories in Marvel Premiere put you right in Danny Rand’s brain. The narration isn’t “Iron Fist did this.” It’s “You are the Iron Fist,” and “you leap out of harm’s way and deliver a powerful kick.” This style of narration intensifies the action, and gives you a personal stake in the comic. It’s an interesting technique that you don’t see much of.

As the series evolves, it loses this narration, but the intensity stays.

Each creator brings something special to this collection, but once Claremont and Byrne take over full time, it’s a whole new level. It becomes the Iron Fist that fans have come to know and love. It also gets a bit more trippy and more experimental. This was the 70s, after all. So, in a way, you’re not only seeing the evolution of Fist comics, but the evolution of comics as a whole.

If you like kung fu comics, superhero comics, 70s comics, or all of the above, definitely check out Marvel’s “Fury of Iron Fist” Epic Collection. You’ll get action, heart, great character moments, and much more. It’s perfect for old fans, or newbies looking for an entry point.

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