Punk Rock Jesus #2: Comic Book Heaven

Punk Rock Jesus #2

Vertigo Comics

Story and Art By: Sean Murphy

Only two issues in and I can already say that this has the makings to be one of the best titles of the year. Last issue set all the characters into play and left a pretty crazy cliffhanger to boot. This issue starts six months after and immediately sets the tone by showing the New American Christians or N.A.C leading a protest and possible siege of the island and boat that the show takes place on. For as many fans the reality show has gained there are just as many people who are ready to end the life of the child and mother.It’s a heavy concept that Sean Murphy tells fearlessly.

While the main character may be the little boy from last issue who’s grown up as a hired mercenary, each other supporting character feels fleshed out as well. These are complex characters that feel real and are well-defined in this world. Murphy is slowly easing every character into the foreground and it makes for an exciting read.Put simply you care for these people.

I can’t say enough about Sean Murphy’s art. His work has always been amazing but he takes advantage of the black and white format to really show off his skills. He has a gritty style but can easily show a range of emotions. He draws everything from a smirking producer to a crying mother who feels helpless in this issue and manages to drive whatever emotion he wants you to experience through his art. Each page is full of detail and his work here never feel stale due to the fact that he seems to constantly experiment with layouts and perspectives from page to page.

Amazing single page from issue 2 of Punk Rock Jesus

A single event sets the action and story in motion half way through the book. That feels like a significant moment in a book that’s only two issues in. Iit will be interesting to see where Murphy takes his huge supporting cast of characters from here for the four remaining issues.  Punk Rock Jesus is a high concept book told incredibly well. This is a story that resonates with me as soon as I finish each issue and makes you think about what the world would be like if this were to happen. It’s a great story that’s made better by the great character work and art. It’s a great example that comics don’t always have to be about superheroes and horror to be great and a book everyone should pay attention to.

Review Score: 9.5/10

Mike DeVivo

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