Comic Books Are Coming To The Rescue With PUERTO RICO STRONG

Like the spandex-clad superheroes often portrayed in comic books, members of the comics industry are swooping in to help those in need with Puerto Rico Strong, a new book aimed at helping the survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, the book called Puerto Rico Strong will be released in March of 2018, with all profits being donated to disaster relief and recovery programs to support Puerto Rico.

Creators from all over the island, or with connections to Puerto Rico, are pitching in to make Puerto Rico Strong happen. One heavy-hitter putting his work into the book is Fabian Nicieza who co-created Deadpool. Along with Nicieza are:

• Vita Ayala writer for DC comics who’s worked on Batman Beyond, Suicide Squad and much more.
• Rosa Colon, writer, creator, and founder of Soda Pop Comics.
• Naomi Franquiz, illustrator of Misfit City and Bitch Planet.


According to one of the book’s co-editors, Desiree Rodriguez,

“What we hope to accomplish here is showcasing the vast diversity of Puerto Rico of our community and our history. There are those of us whose parents immigrated from the island, or who have family on the island still or have never even seen Puerto Rico. We want to explore those stories of struggle and triumph through that lens.”


On behalf of Monkeys Fighting Robots, I’d like to say to my fellow Latinos working on this project and those in Puerto Rico, “Gracias a todos los que trabajan en este proyecto. Necesitamos estar unidos para conquistar el sufrimiento.”

Ruben Diaz
Ruben Diaz
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