Prison School is trash! Hot dirty trash!

So the first episode of Prison school is out, and what the fuck! They’re censoring all the camel toe and nipple shots. Now I’ve heard a rumor that once it broadcasts on a different station that they might be removed. But for the time being I am thoroughly disappointed. I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself but seeing that this is one of the most disgusting and perverse shows ever to be put to Television, it seems a little redundant to put sensors over some boob and vag shots. Now having that to set the tone I guess I’ll talk about this steaming pile of a show.

Prison School censors

After watching the first episode of Prison School I took a little time to try to collect my thoughts about it. A few minutes went by and I came to the conclusion that this is just steamy garbage. But this is self-aware garbage. This is garbage that you wouldn’t find dining at some fancy five-star restaurant in Paris. Because this garbage knows better.

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Prison School buff naked

Prison School may be garbage but at least it knows its place. It knows it’s not a sex comedy, or fan-service show, or a seinin satire piece. And it doesn’t try to be those things, no matter how much fans may say trying to justify their interest in this show. But me, I’m not afraid to say why I like this show. I like it because its nothing but pure shock value. And you have to admit shock value can be fun at times. I mean if someone posts a naked guy streaking through a football game it gets like a million views. And I would kind of attribute this show to that sort of level of entertainment. Maybe a “Worldstarhiphop” kind of feel towards it. Because most of the shocking stuff that happens in this show is just horrible physical pain. Pain that most of our main male protagonists seem to enjoy. To put it in their words, “Anyway to get closer to a hot girl.”

True Words Prison School


Dominating Prison School

Now while I can say that during the time I was watching Prison School I had a good time and even had some hard laughs, I felt sort of dirty after the fact. Almost like having sex with a prostitute. Not that I’d know what that’s like or anything… But I think the show is truly funny. The art and animation style helps compliment the ridiculous content quite well, and most of the time what I was laughing at wasn’t the situation but the look on a characters face.

Orgasm Face


To be blunt there aren’t many shows like this so its hard to wrap my feelings around it. The closest thing I can attribute the style to is “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt” (A show I actually quite love). But in content only. At least panty and stocking had some nice commentary and a killer sense of style to boot. But even this shows art style is meant to be gross and off-putting. So if you were brought in by the preview and expecting a hardcore domination echii show, don’t bother with this one. I’m sure there are other shows that could fulfill that role miles beyond Prison School. But if you are in the mood to get shocked and have it be immediately followed up by some well-timed visual humor, Prison School could be for you. Just proceed with caution. Because trust me when I say, this show hasn’t even got its feet wet yet.

OMG Girls Poop


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