Papi and Centorea descend – Monster Musume Episode 2

So this week on Monster Musume we get a twofer with two monster girls debuting in that same episode. Now while fitting in two characters in the same episode did seem a little weird for me, I want to introduce these new additions and try to explain what they can add to this increasingly crazy scenario first. Then after I’ll talk about my view of the episode as a whole.

Papi the Harpy

In the first half of the episode Kimihito is kidnapped by a harpy girl named Papi. Her size is small but not so small to be considered “Loli”. She instantly comes off as a troublemaker and a scatter brain at times. She even manages to mix up harpy and Papi when she introduces herself. This is attributed to her being part bird and thus having a “bird brain”. In fact even a minute after she asks Kimihito to get ice-cream with her, she turns to him and asks who he is. To imply that she already forgot. Papi is definitely a carefree spirit not really adhering to the rules and just looking for a good time. She ignorantly mistakes a water fountain as a bird bath and jumps in to get ice cream that she has suggestively spilled on herself. Natural she takes her clothes off and we get a funny joke with Kimihito asking her why her clothes are off. Papi response is a condescending, “Off course you’re suppose to take a bath naked.”

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Papis Bird brain

Kimihito tries to get her out to keep her modesty in check but is dragged into the fountain for some playtime. Unfortunately Miia comes to break up the fun and get her “darling” back. Immediately her and Papi get confrontational and have a little fight. It’s then that Kimihito sees that the people who were observing have turned their attention to a little girl stuck in a tree. Papi fails in her rescue attempt in a comedic fashion, so Miia decides to climb the tree and take the glory. But unfortunately she gets covered in leaves and scares the girl so bad that she losses hold and falls off the tree branch. But Papi is able to swing in catching the girl and redeeming herself. Or so she thinks until she realizes that she can’t fly at her angle. But all is well when Kimihito dives underneath her to break her fall.

New addition 1

After the incident it turns out that Papi is a known runaway and no one is willing to take her in as a host family. This is when we learn that Ms. Smith was already on the way to “dump” Papi off with Kimihito. And being the kind guy he is, Kimihito accepts. Miia is mostly okay with this and considered Papi to be nothing more than a childish distraction. That is until she finds out that Harpies just have petite bodies and that Papi is actually the same age as her. Then she gets little jealous, and in her attempt to stop Papi from bathing with her darling, she crashes in a door on top of him. Miia tries to explain to Papi that Kimihito is hers as he lays under the door bleeding from his head.

Jealous Miia

For the record, it’s always hard to definitively say if characters like the ones in this show are funny or not. The reason is usually they follow one type of joke and if that’s not your cup of tea, then the jokes fall flat every time. Papi is the young prankster who goes with the flow and is scatter brained. She will often have crazy ideas and then something will go wrong as par for the course. She really isn’t there to be jail bait or the token loli like some people would think, though she is mistaken for a child at first. Papi will undoubtedly bring in some good physical humor, dumb jokes, and cute moments for sure.

Proud Centorea

In the second half we get introduced to Centorea while Kimihito is out doing some morning grocery shopping. Centorea is a centaur with massive breasts and wears a sword on her belt. She speaks very eloquently with some romanticized British woven in. And when she knocks into Kimihito and sends him flying into a street sign, she believes it to be a fated encounter, like out of an Anime, and assumes that he is to be her fated master. But Kimihito dashes her dreams calling them nothing but a Manga cliché, that she misinterpreted for a Japanese spell. Just some more showing how monster girls misinterpret things in the human world. If anything most of the jokes in this show are fish out of water jokes, but that’s to be expected, because I mean they’re monster girls and they wouldn’t know.

Masters only

Kimihito tries to explain that she shouldn’t use that as a factor in determining her soul mate when a purse snatcher on a scooter steals a woman purse. Centorea declares she would go after him if the interspecies law didn’t forbid violence between species. She explains that this restriction is why she’s looking for a human master to fight by her side for justice. And since all she has at this point is Kimihito she decides to drag him along in her pursuit of the criminal. Kimihito tries to get on her back to ride her but nearly has his head taken off by her back hoof. She explains that riding is sacred and since he isn’t her master he can’t ride.

chase scene

Instead he has to deal with being pulled dangling over her back with his arms wrapped around her waist. They pursue the criminal with some fantastical speed, all the while Centorea is threatening Kimihito to not do anything lewd with his hands inches away from her massive breats. But Kimihito starts to slip off her right when Centorea is about to stop the criminal. Naturally he grabs onto her breasts for support. As he keeps loosing grip and having to grab again, he pulls down her shirt exposing them. This causes her to jerk out of control knocking the criminal off his cooter and dropping her sword in the process. She’s so embarrassed by this that she keeps running until she hits a storage garage. The criminal is then able to pick up the sword that she dropped and is about to cut her until Kimihito steps in between and gets hit instead.


But it turns out that it was only a fake sword she was carrying and Kimihito doesn’t receive any fatal wounds. Centorea is so moved by Kimihito’s actions that she decides that he will indeed be his master and moves in with him. In some way it is hinted that Ms. Smith was behind this encounter as well. Of course Miia objects to the idea while Papi really can’t care less at this point.

Centaur bond

Centorea’s character is very proud and noble. She is also very timid about her feeling and can be quick to retract a statement if she feels too embarrassed about it. So I feel we can definitely get some cute scenes with her being timid about her emotions towards Kimihito. And it sure will be nice contrast to Miia’s head over heels affection. Her sense of modesty is at a much higher level than our other two, and she certainly seems like the most responsible one. But she does have some tics that can cause her to get out of hand as well.  Also as the character with the biggest breasts, she is certainly locked in for all those jokes as well. And this episode for sure didn’t have any shortage of those.

All in all this episode of Monster Musume was fine from the comedy aspect. And it sure helped develop what it is like to be a monster girl in a strange place once again. But something about jamming two new characters with their own separate stories just felt rushed to me. I would have liked the whole episode to be about Papi and have Centorea (or Cerea) be premiered next episode. But I know if they did that then it would literally be half way through until they introduced all the girls. And it doesn’t bother me too much since we have all season to get to know them. Just something about the scanrios seemed rushed to me. The only thing I can think of that I  sort of didn’t like in this episode was the blowjob simulation with Papi and the popsicle. But it does fit with her character to not really think anything of it since she is a bit stupid. And I did enjoy Kimihito’s and the on looking publics reaction too it, so even that can get a pass from me.

Monster Musume continues to be a fun show. And while it still widely hinges on you liking the scenario and enjoying the comedy there still seems to be something special about this one. So I guess I’ll have to keep watching and see what crazy fun and interesting stuff they can still do with this horny monster girl show.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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