Panel Breakdown: STAR #1 By Kelly Thompson, Javier Pina, and Filipe Andrade

Welcome to PANEL BREAKDOWN, a weekly series where we take a look at our favorite panels of a comic book. This week we are talking about the new Marvel Comics series STAR #1 (of 5) written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Javier Pina & Filipe Andrade, Jesus Aburtov gave the book colors, and you are reading Clayton Cowles’ letters.

The first issue establishes Ripley Ryan as a wildcard force in the Marvel Universe. The unpredictability of the character is entertaining, and the artwork of Pina and Andrade demands attention.


About STAR #1:
Ambitious reporter Ripley Ryan rocked New York City when she became the hero STAR, adored by everyone. But in truth she was Dr. Minerva’s attempt at a Kree-human Super-Soldier. Desperate for the strength to control her own destiny, she tried to kill Captain Marvel – and failed. Ripley was left, defeated and powerless, in the Raft…or so she thought. The Reality Stone has found her, and now no prison can hold her. You thought you knew what the Infinity Stones were capable of. Think again.

Do you have STAR on your pull-list, let me know what you think after you read it.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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