Panel Breakdown – RONIN: BOOK II #1 Is An Epic Spectacle

Frank Miller Presents – RONIN: BOOK II #1 hit your local comic book shop today. The six-issue mini-series is written by Frank Miller, with art by Phillip Tan and Daniel Henriques, and you will read John Workman’s letter work. Miller also created the series and worked on layouts.

As part of the Panel Breakdown series, we analyze this issue and enjoy the spectacle and giant layouts used in the comic. Check the video below.

Did you pick up RONIN: BOOK II #1?

About RONIN: BOOK II #1:
Frank Miller returns to one of his most critically praised and influential body of works, RONIN. This six-part mini-series follows the original work and takes Casey and her newborn son across the ravaged landscape of America. With layouts by Miller, the beautiful panoramic art by Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques captures all the energy and excitement of the original series, taking the characters and world into a direction all its own. Not to be missed!

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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