Beer Review: Out Of Bounds Juiced Blackberry Double IPA

Northern California is quickly becoming a hotbed for craft beer. The Sacramento region alone has 50 microbreweries including Placer County’s Out of Bounds Brewing Company. Best known for its variety of IPAs Out of Bounds also makes a killer imperial oatmeal stout. But on this day, I cracked open the company’s newest release Juiced Blackberry Double IPA (8% ALC).

The company says the blackberry’s tart, flavorful characteristics provide “balance to, and compliment the huge hoppy elements of this Double IPA”. We’ll see.


Despite being a Double IPA, the first thing you notice is the distinct lack of hops smell. Perhaps this is a result of the blackberry, but the brew smells more like a wheat than an IPA. This is not necessarily a bad thing as I know some people get scared off when a beer has too much hoppy aroma.


The beer comes in your standard 22-oz brown bottle with a purple twist on Out of Bounds most common label look. The beer itself is a redish-caramel color with no much head.


It’s strange, a beer that boasts blackberry flavor and “huge hoppy elements” sort of lacked both. But you know what, it’s still pretty good. The only time I really noticed the berry flavor was the aftertaste which to me was more blueberry than blackberry.


Even though I was expecting more a bold flavor I still liked this beer. It’s a nice light summer IPA that won’t offend people who don’t like hoppy bitterness and isn’t overly fruity. I’d definitely drink it again, but it wouldn’t be the first beer that comes to mind when I want something from Out of Bounds Brewing Company.

Justin Chechourka
Justin Chechourka
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