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We caught up with two of the most talented creators to put pencil to paper at the 2018 Orlando Toy and Comic Convention (OTCC) on Sunday, January 28, in Ryan Stegman and Nick Bradshaw.

This year’s event featured creators like Stegman (Superior Spider-Man), Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men), Tony Moore (The Walking Dead), Ryan Ottley (Invincible), Billy Tucci (Harley Quinn), Frank Tieri (Black Knight) and Tim Townsend (Ultimate X-Men), among other guests. There was also a laundry list of exhibitors, making up over 150 tables and, with VIP admission, you were able to grab one of four exclusive prints to get Jisigned for FREE by their creators that were in attendance.

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Check out our interviews with multitasking extraordinaires, Stegman and Bradshaw below, as they wrestled with answering our questions, sketching and signing autographs.

Ryan Stegman

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MFR: “Was Spider-Man a character you had previously aspired to do, prior to taking on Superior Spider-Man?”

RS: “He was a character I had always drawn, even as a kid, for free. Now, as an adult, he’s a character that I get paid to do. So, yeah, it’s been great.”

MFR: “What is your favorite cover that you have done for Spider-Man?”

RS: “I’m extremely proud of the Superior Spider-Man #1 cover. It was everywhere for a while. My son has a hat with the print on it and I saw posters and t-shirts in the mall. It was a bit strange for me, but really exciting at the same time.”

MFR: “What is it like, being able to produce all of this great art, that is beloved by fans all over the world, but also by your son?”

RS: “Man, it’s so cool. We were on the plane yesterday to come here and he was drawing Spider-Man for me in different ways and kept showing them to me. His enthusiasm for the character and for what I do for a living is really neat for me.”

MFR: “Are you working on anything upcoming that you can actually share with us?”

RS: “No! I can’t talk about anything (laughs). It’s all secret right now, but I have some really cool stuff that will actually be announced relatively soon, I think.”

Nick Bradshaw

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MFR: “You have left your mark on numerous covers with Marvel, any particular one that your are extremely fond of?”

NB:Wolverine and the X-Men was probably my favorite project that I was part of, just because I’m such a huge fans of mutants, but also because it was just right up my ally. Doing Spidey was really cool for me as well because I was able to draw that classic Peter Parker-type stuff. I wish I could’ve spent a little more time on that one, but it was definitely fun. I had the option to redesign the villains as well, but I told myself, nope, those classic designs were the best. When you love the characters, it shows. I was happy that Marvel let me just do my thing.”

MFR: “Considering the popularity of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, what has the experience been like to have had that run on the comic series?”

NB: “I’m a huge cosmic Marvel fan, stuff like Captain Marvel. I’m glad to see all the movies being tied together because it’s created this nuisance. As far as the comics, when I was asked if I wanted that five-issue run, I didn’t have to think about it, I was like, ‘Yeah!’. I’m totally on board with being able to play with these characters. It was a lot of fun.”

MFR: “Is there anything that you have worked on that has popped back up into your mind lately that has reminded you why you love doing what you do?”

NB: “Yeah, back to that Spidey stuff. Being able to draw the classic villains like the Lizard and Sandman. That was my favorite cover that I have gotten to do for Marvel, I think. I went crazy with it. When I get that kind of freedom with characters, that’s when I really have a blast.”

MFR: “Any upcoming projects that you would like to share with us?”

NB: “Truth be told, I keep asking for interiors, but Marvel loves how well my covers are selling. In December I did something like 20-plus covers that are going to be solicited over the next few months. I’ve been looking to link up with Jim Zub and maybe pitching a few idas to Marvel. So, we’ll see. It’s an exciting time right now for the publisher though. It’s bringing back classic characters and looks, but also keeping the awesome characters that have come along. A lot of fun storylines are coming and it’s exciting to see what’s in store.”

Cosplay was out in full force at OTCC on Sunday. Check out some of our favorites below.

Be on the lookout for some exciting new projects coming from all three of these creators. You can also take a look back at their respective bodies of work via the comic book database: Stegman (2005-present) and Bradshaw (2003-present).

Click HERE for our interview with Tony Moore, artist of The Walking Dead #1, at OTCC.

Lastly, what would you love to see from these guys? Let us know in the comments section below.

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