One Punch Man Gets a Full Trailer

One Punch Man is one of, if not the, best looking manga I’ve ever seen. The detail, style, and zoom effect all work together to create this mind-blowing art.

One Punch Man Gif 1
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This GIF, and others like it, are just panels of the manga cropped and strung together,

One Punch Man Gif 2
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Murata Yuusuke, the artist of One Punch Man, spends a crazy amount of time not only drawing these ridiculously detailed panels, but also lots of them, creating of the most readable, and GIF-able, manga out there.

One Punch Man Gif 3
And this one

One Punch Man has a unique history, because it wasn’t always this gorgeous (as seen in the cover photo), it was originally, and still is running as, a web comic by the artist ONE, and looked more like this.

One Punch Man Original


The clever premise and hilarious writing caught the attention of Murata Yuusuke, of Eyeshield 21 fame, who began adapting it into manga.


One Punch Man Comparison
Left: Manga, Right: Webcomic

Of course, the writing paired with that art caught the attention of animation production studio Madhouse, who has begun the task of animating this fantastic series.

Which leaves us here, with the first full trailer (the first was really just glorified text), while it isn’t as gorgeous as the manga, an impossible goal… really, it’s still really good-looking. With great music to boot.

The Voice cast is pretty great as well. Gray (From Fairy Tail)’s voice as Licenseless-Rider is perfect, literally perfect.

Hype continues to grow as the Fall Season October release date nears.

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