One Limb Left: Video Games That Deserve A Remaster

When it comes to playing old video games, remasters have become the go to for reliving ones gaming past.  Last week’s release of the trailer for the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy caught a lot of people’s attention for good reason.  The upgraded lighting and graphics drastically improve the look of the games.  They look a lot more colorful, and detailed.  Plus if it sells well, hopes for a new Spyro game could become reality.

Since its release back in June of 2017, the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has become the top selling remastered collection in PlayStation 4 history.  Selling over 3 million copies according to VG Chartz.  Not to mention it’s being sold for Nintendo Switch and PC as well.  Remasters are a great way for developers to gauge the interests and wants of the gaming community.



After the success of the N. Sane Trilogy, rumors of a new Crash Bandicoot game in 2019 have been swirling around ever since.  But whether or not it does happen, here are some video game remasters I would love to see happen!

Power Stone

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The Sega Dreamcast fighter was one of the best and most underrated fighting video games of its era.  What set it apart from other fighters was what you collected while fighting three other combatants.  By collecting three gems that appeared in various parts of the stage, you would unlock your character’s ultimate form and its attacks.  Ultimate forms mostly came in a style of armor and each one was unique.  Being able to pummel opponents as a giant stone being in high-definition would be fantastic!

Crazy Taxi 

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Crazy Taxi was an amazing game.  Though it has been ported over to mobile devices, barreling through the streets in updated cabs, and collecting fares while listening to The Offspring would be great!  Any game that rewards you for driving like a lunatic should be given a new look, and in this case a third game.

The House Of The Dead 1&2

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Though it did make its way to console, House of the Dead was a shooter that was more popular in the arcade.  Using a controller instead of a plastic gun to shoot zombies and monsters felt very awkward and weird.  So why bother with a remake?  Well VR is a thing now-a-days, so why not give one of the best rail shooters of all-time the VR treatment?


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Rare, just remake the damn game already!

Nick Battaglia
Nick Battaglia
Nick is a staff writer who enjoys all types of video games and reminiscing about past pinball experiences. As a gamer who has one arm, he also aspires to one day be cast in a live-action adaptation of Mega Man.