Ommegang Brewing Co. Three Philosophers Beer Review

While getting my necessities for the New York Mets World Series I had kept my eyes peeled for a beer that felt like a good omen. As I rounded a corner I saw “Three Philosophers” sitting on a shelf and I immediately thought of the three talented Mets pitchers and then realized where it was brewed, Cooperstown. Once I noticed the Hall of Fame connection I was sold. Ommegang Brewing Co. opened in 1997 and has gained notoriety for their special Game of Thrones “Three Eyed Raven” themed brews which released this past April.


The heavy and dark body offers a rich flavor and sweet aroma. Composed of 98% ale and 2% ale with cherries, this Belgian style quad is a can’t miss. A heavy body with a sweet and fruity aroma is slightly deceptive but the high alcohol content is blended by the variety within the malt.



A dark complexion described as a cherry-chestnut coloration with full carbonation topped with a smooth tan head. Dry wine like taste at the end is a nice compliment to the sweetness of the molasses, malt and cherry flavors.


A 750 ml bottle was $10.99 which is similar to the price of a 32 oz growler at other craft breweries. If you don’t live near a brewery then this is a great substitute that offers a rich, fresh flavor.


Very simple tall bottle with a metal fastening atop the cork which creates a cool, elegant vibe.

Final Sip of Three Philosophers

Sweet, caramel mix that offers a great variety of flavors which puts Ommegang “Three Philosophers” in a class of its own.

Darcy Reddan
Darcy Reddan
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