NYCC Live Blog – Marvel Legacy: The Amazing Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Marvel Comics held its annual Spider-Man panel at New York Comic-Con Friday afternoon. Peter Parker is in a post-Legacy world and that means he’s about to lose his company, wealth, and go back to being our loveable loser.

Live Blog

Nick Lowe starts off panel asking everyone to sing the Spider-Man song.

Assistant Editor Allison Stock, Associate Editor Devon Lewis, Falcon writer Rodney Barnes, Will Sliney of Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider, and Dan Slott are on the panel.

Chip Zdarsky, the writer of Spectacular Spider-Man, is also here.

Lowe asks if he can tell us about the “Most Wanted” arc.

It’s about Peter having to escape his apartment without SHIELD and SWAT guys discovering he’s Spider-Man.

Issue 6 also has a really tense dinner with Spider-Man and JJJ.

Black Panther is appearing in the book as of issue 298.

This all spins out of the initial story arc where Theresa is in trouble with the feds over leaked SHIELD data on tech-based superheroes.

Zdarksy is also doing Marvel Two-In-One with Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm.

He gets to use all the FF villains and supporting cast.

Falcon has a new book coming out October 11.

Rodney Barnes says Nick Spencer left almost nothing to do with Falcon after his Captain America and Secret Empire run, but Falcon is going to be fighting Blackheart, son of Mephisto.

Slott talks “Fall of Parker” arc in Amazing

Slott: “We did something with Peter Parker you should never, ever do. We gave him tons of money and lots of toys and isn’t life great?” But now they’re taking them all away because Peter can’t have nice things.

Pete is going to find a way back to the Daily Bugle in a new way

“Stuff” will also happen because Peter promised Johnny Storm he’d watch after the Baxter Building, but he lost it, too.

Peter is also going to have a romance going on with Mockingbird.

They talk Venom next.

The book is “kicking ass and taking names” Lowe says, before correcting to “butt”

Lewis talks about Venom’s Legacy arc, “Lethal Protector,” in which he’ll fight Kraven the Hunter

Kraven goes after the underground community of dinosaur people Stegron created, and Venom has to protect them. Shriek will also be involved.

Next, “Venom Inc”: A crossover between Amazing and Venom

Slott says the story will please people who like both Eddie and Flash, and there will also be extra Venom-y characters we haven’t seen in a while.

Slott and Costa are co-writing the bookend issues, as well as their individual issues of Amazing and Venom.

Venom will also be appearing in an X-Men Blue story arc.

It will involve young Cyclops getting Venom involved in a dispute involving Corsair on the Klyntar symbiote homeworld.

Switches over to Spider-Gwen, with Jason LaTour talking about “Gwenom” arc.

Says the difference with Gwen is she’s constantly trying to live up to and validate herself in the shadow of her dad’s legacy.

Next arc will have Gwen vs Matt Murdock, who they’ve been working on making her arch-nemesis for the past 3 years.

In Spider-Man (Miles Morales’ title), a new Sinister Six will be debuting.

It will feature a new Iron Spider, but the person in the costume isn’t revealed yet.
(I’m kinda willing to bet it’s maybe the 616 version of Miles)

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider will feature an arc titled “The Slingers Return”

Allison Stock talks about that.

Discusses how Ben’s efforts in Clone Conspiracy didn’t work out well and he’s been trying to come to terms with his identity and whether he’s good or bad.

Will Sliney talks about his approach on this book following his stint on Spidey 2099 with Peter David.

Also coming soon is a new Black Panther digital comic called “Long Live the King”

Spider-Man/Deadpool is getting a new creative team with Robbie Thompson and Chris Bachalo.

The book is picking up after the events of Secret Empire, with Deadpool being a wanted man for killing Coulson and Spider-Man deciding it’s time for Wade to go to jail.

Deadpool is an arms dealer in a post-SHIELD world.

The Chameleon’s return is briefly teased by Lowe.

He flashed a cover on the screen too quick to snap a photo of.

Fan questions start.

Fan asks about writing Spider-Man jokes

Zdarsky says you can’t think about them too much. Slott says it’s also important for all the characters around him to comment how not funny they are.

Slott adds that the jokes aren’t for the people around him, though, they’re for Peter himself

Slott says he thinks of Peter’s humor as a Swiss Army Knife, differing based on whether he’s fighting a villain, trying to psych himself up, etc.

Fan asks Slott if he’d like to apologize for saying last year that Ben Reilly coming back was impossible. Slott apologizes that the person fell for his lies!

Fan asks about MJ being placed in an Iron Man book and wants to know when she’ll be back.

Lowe says fans who want Peter and MJ should check out Renew Your Vows

Renew Your Vows is jumping 8 years into the future.

All new stories!

Fan wants to know if the street vendor from ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ would be included in the comics….because the fan asking was the guy who played him!

Slott says the street vendor is MJ’s new love interest, Lowe says Bendis already has plans for him in Iron Man, and Slott says “I believe you’re half-owned by Sony!”

Another fan asks about spinning off characters into their own series, and Lowe says you have to get your friends really into it and spread the word because they like making money.

Fan asks if there will be more between Miles and Spider-Gwen.

LaTour says there’s a whole potential alternate reality in the future where they have a family and are like the Fantastic Four in that timeline, and the door has been left open purposely for future writers.

Fan asks if we get a Scarlet Spider/Venom rematch.

He’s told to keep waiting because there’s a lot of “tricks up their sleeves” with Legacy.

Fan asks about the Toxin symbiote.

He’s told Toxin’s story came to a close at the end of the Carnage solo series by Gerry Conway, but you never know with symbiotes.

Fan asks if we’ll see more of Peter Porker: Spider-Ham.

Yes. Yes, we will.

Fan asks what’s up with Norman Osborn right now.

Norman can’t be affected by the Goblin formula anymore because of what Spider-Man and Doc Ock did to him at the end of Superior. But his quest to become the Goblin again will continue.

Fan also asks about Black Cat. She’ll be part of Venom Inc and will be interacting with the Defenders.

Fan asks about 2099.

Spidey 2099 is back in the future and was told he can’t go back without screwing up the timeline. But there’s a possibility we’ll see him again.

Panel’s over

Did any Spider-Man news surprise you? Comment below.

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