Mercy #2 features some extremely creative storytelling, showing us multiple sides of the same mystery, all of which is supported by simply stunning artwork worth the attention.

Now A Monster Has Come to Hunt In MERCY #2

MIRKA ANDOLFO’S MERCY #2, out this Wednesday from Image Comics, continues the tale of the Woodsburgh Devil, and the townspeople who must suffer so. This tale is as haunting as it is beautiful, with plenty of horrors to go around.

A haunting cover for Mercy #2.


The eerie tale of Lady Hellaine is back with Mercy #2. This is the second issue in a six-part miniseries, one that is proving to be as traumatizing as it is mesmerizing. This series has already been getting a lot of attention, not least of which because it is both written and illustrated by Mirka Andolfo.


Last we saw, our unusual lady had made her way to the middle of nowhere (aka Woodsburgh), for reasons yet to be fully revealed to readers. If that was the only disturbing element of the series, the town would be so much safer.

But no, this little town has had it’s fair share of death and betrayal, going back over a decade now. A pattern that looks ready to repeat itself once again.

An ethereal version of Lady Hellaine can be found on the alternate cover for Mercy #2.

The Writing

There are many mysteries in Mercy #2. Or perhaps it is simply one mystery, with multiple faces. Regardless, there are lots for readers to work through in this issue. There are layers to this story, and that has already proven to be half the journey.

The tale itself is told through multiple perspectives, a clever storytelling technique that allows for revelations and obfuscation, depending on the need. We’re given glimpses of all over the town, and yet we don’t yet see how it’s all connected.

The intrigue surrounding Lady Hellaine increased significantly during this issue, as was surely the intent. What is surprising is the developing connection between her and several other members of the town. It’ll be interesting to see how that progresses over the next few issues.

It is fascinating how, in many ways, the characters in this series feel so human. Slightly ironic, given that at least one of them is anything but. The juxtaposition feels intentional and does well to highlight certain parts of human nature.

That’s ignoring the horror element as well, of which there is a significant amount of in Mercy #2. It weaves throughout the plot, in a way that feels both organic and shocking – a careful balance has been struck.

Lady Hellaine is looking more striking and intimidating than ever before.

The Art

While Mirka Andolfo was the lead artist for Mercy #2, they did receive help as well. They had Gianluca Papi as a color assistant and Fabio Amelia for the lettering. Together they created something cohesive and utterly…outstanding.

There is something so elegant about the art style within this series. That makes the horror elements all the more shocking and intense. Speaking of, the specific way in which the monstrous beings are drawn is oddly enchanting and fits in nicely with the series.

The colors in this issue are simply divine, from the elegant details on the women’s clothing to the decision to go with brightly colored dangers of the night. It’s all aesthetically pleasing while demanding that you stop and take note.

Finally, we have the lettering, which is carefully placed throughout the issue, with clear intent in mind. You are meant to notice all of the little details woven into the series, and the lettering has been done in such a way as to ensure that.

Better run faster, little one.

In Conclusion

Mercy #2 is a dramatic continuation of the series, proving that one can be both elegant and horrifying at the same time. This series may only have four issues left, but you just know that it’s going to pack a few punches in the meantime.

Cat Wyatt
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Mercy #2 features some extremely creative storytelling, showing us multiple sides of the same mystery, all of which is supported by simply stunning artwork worth the attention. Now A Monster Has Come to Hunt In MERCY #2