Mercy #1 was a fascinating introduction into a new series, with carefully laid breadcrumbs to get the fans going, and absolutely stunning artwork alongside.

Turmoil and Disturbances Begin in MERCY #1

MERCY #1, out this Wednesday from Image Comics, is a disturbing beginning to a series worth keeping an eye on. The village of Woodsburgh is about to be irreparably altered – and the readers along with it.

Lady Hellaine looks monstrous and beautiful on this cover of Mercy #1.


Mercy is a brand new series springing from the mind of Mirka Andolfo. You probably recognize that name – they’re the author and artist behind Unnatural, another unique read. A fact that is already proving true for this latest run.

Set in a remote mining village, this is a story full of murders, turmoil, and fear of the unknown. There is something supernatural about to strike this small town, and they are woefully unequipped to handle it.

As with her previous series, Mirka Andolfo is both the writer and main artist for Mercy. That’s given her an immense amount of control and creative freedom for this project – and it shows. Her iconic style shines through every inch of this first issue.

We wonder what Lady Hellaine is holding on this cover of Mercy #1?

The Writing

Mercy #1 is exactly the sort of introduction to this plot we had been hoping for. It’s dark and disturbing, while also laying about plenty of hints for what is actually happening. Being the first issue, there was a lot of groundwork to be laid out. And yet, it was written in such a way as to avoid any sense of info-dumping.

The backstory of Woodsburgh – the isolated mining town – is quickly revealed. Yet, even so, it still feels like there’s so much left to the story itself. Though perhaps it just feels that way because of the monster in their midst.

One this is certain – this series has immediately caught the attention of its readers. The backstory alone is compelling enough, even without the implied supernatural elements to bring the series to an even darker point.

The tone and combination of elements are more than enough to keep us coming back, and begging for more. The darker and monstrous elements have been perfectly matched with human and endearing characters, leaving us both interested and concerned about their fate.

Lady Hellaine is striking one heck of a pose on this alternate cover for Mercy #1.

The Art

The artwork inside Mercy #1 is simply stunning. As are the variety of covers that can be found for this issue. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself. The covers included alongside this review are a mere sampling of what can be found out there.

The character designs are without a doubt one of the highlights of this issue. There’s a variety of characters introduced in this first issue, and each and every one of them is iconic, carefully styled, and memorable.

Then there’s the coloring for this issue, which is unparalleled. The scenes are filed with unexpected pops of color, but they feel elegant, striking, and almost natural in the scenes portrayed. The colors add a rich depth both to the characters and their backdrops.

Working alongside Mirka Andolfo is Fabio Amelia. Amelia provided the lettering for this issue, and they did a fantastic job of it. They had a lot to work with in this issue, and yet they laid out everything in an ideal way, keeping our eyes flying over the pages.

A classy and elegant alternate cover for Mercy #1, with some subtle hints at the darkness within.

In Conclusion

Mercy #1 was a chilling first issue in what is sure to be a memorable series – one that fans will eagerly wait each month for a new issue of. While there’s no doubt that this village is in for a spot of trouble, we’re still looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Turmoil and Disturbances Begin in MERCY #1Mercy #1 was a fascinating introduction into a new series, with carefully laid breadcrumbs to get the fans going, and absolutely stunning artwork alongside.