Norman Reedus Compares Rick and Daryl to Kirk and Spock

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As fans frantically wait for the season finale of a gut-wrenching seventh season of ‘The Walking Dead,’ Norman Reedus brought a lighter side to his character Daryl Dixon and Daryl’s relationship with Rick Grimes.

Reedus attended the 2017 Garden of Laughs Comedy Benefit on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City and Page Reporter, Lindsey Kupfer was curious about Daryl’s potential love life on The Walking Dead. The answer surprised us at Monkeys Fighting Robots and adds a whole new dynamic to Daryl and Rick’s friendship.

“It’s such a thing, the love story, you know what I mean? Once you throw someone up against a tree, it’s over. I kind of don’t know that Daryl is mature enough to do that. Let Rick get all the girls. I’m like Spock on ‘Star Trek’ and he’s like Captain Kirk. He gets all the ladies and I sit in the background and say weird things,” said Reedus.

Do you want to see Daryl find love in Season 8, or are you a fan of his loner status? Comment below. It’s probably best for Daryl’s health that he does not find happiness, because in the cruel world of ‘The Walking Dead,’ happiness usually leads to someone’s death.

The Season 7 finale of “The Walking Dead” airs Sunday night on AMC.

Matthew Sardo
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  1. Being unattached is part of his mystique. It would change his whole character if he did. Plus, I would probably cry. I hope he’s alone for all time!!

  2. I do agree he has become a big man baby and it’s a turn off for me too, I think he’s bouncing back realistically it’s a tv show but if he went through Negan’s torture and Glen’s death which he was the cause of and was not affected that would make no sense either. I hope he bounces back faster then Rick did at the prison that was a bit nuts too….But Rick came back and Daryl will too… I do like the lone wolf idea..

  3. I was such a fan of Daryl of course he was emotionally stunted, but the growth was supposed to be the great story. Falling in love with Carol was the great love story.
    If Reedsus wants to play an emotionally immature man baby for the rest of the series
    , I won’t be around to suffer it. I’m done with this show.
    They ruined Daryl’s character, they ruined Carol’s character and they totally ignored and ruined the bond they both had.

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