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Her social media, strong. Her variety show segments, a hit. Nash Huang is at the top of her game. But when the iRis Shutter contact lens hits the market, Nash’s life is personally invaded. The latest leap forward in “technological progress,” these contacts not only play video or augment reality…but also record footage. Fighting to keep her life together after a leaked sex tape goes viral, a clingy super-fan is the last thing on Nash’s mind…but that’s exactly when the bodies pile up and the terror begins.

And now, From computer to car. From state to street. The No. 1 Fan draws near. Meanwhile, Nash learns what the other side of 140 characters feels like as she picks up the pieces to a life post-privacy. 

No. 1 With A Bullet #2
Written by: Jacob Semahn
Art by: Jorge Corona
Colors by: Jen Hickman
Lettered/Designed by: Steve Wands


With its second issue, No. 1 With A Bullet takes a slight step back (until the end at least!) from the suspense to really focus on the emotions of its main character Nash. This issue opens with a very intense meeting between Nash and her employers and that emotional intensity doesn’t let up for the duration of the issue. Semahn really allows us to get to know Nash here and it makes the reader really connect with her. We also get to see how people react to her plight, both support groups and critics. The critics are especially powerful as we get a very well done ‘montage’ of the kind of venom that is usually spit out when some one’s personal life is spread out in the open. It’s human vindictiveness and mob mentality at it’s worst.  Semahn doesn’t hold back in his portrayal of these scum and it really makes you cringe.

It’s not all negative though, as we also get to spend time with Nash and her friend, someone she has known since high school, and part of a strong support group. The chemistry between these two is written extremely, with a natural bond being obvious. There is also therapeutic humor here, the kind that can only come with a very old friend.

The issue ends with a double whammy though that literally made me say, “oh shit!” Nash records a very direct and pointed statement revealing the details, including the identity of the culprit, of her sex tape. It is now out and in open and public. Nash is obviously fed up and is throwing down the gauntlet. It’s exhilarating to read. But then comes the real gut punch as a viewer notices something that puts a whole new spin on the book. It’s a great moment and it’s actually very frightening. It sets up the kind of cliffhanger that makes you eager to read the next issue.No. 1 With A Bullet


No.1 With A Bullet is a great looking book. Jorge Corona does some amazing panel work here, dividing images in half and coming up with clever page layouts. There is also a lot of weight to the pencils, with thick lines and borders giving everything added texture.

The colors are vibrant without coming out too processed. Like the writing, they help ground this ‘cyberpunk’ tale. The palette is also fantastic as is the use of background and foreground contrast.

I must also mention the lettering, as it is subtle, but font plays a huge part in exposing feelings and emotions. We also have excellent use of social media posts as narrative devices.


No.1 With A Bullet is truly a comic for today’s social climate. It is the kind of sci-fi comic that elevates both the genre and the medium. But it’s far from just a social/political statement, as it grounds its important themes with well, written, relatable characters and some truly gorgeous art and design. Image continues to put out the best sci-fi comics in the medium, and you can add No.1 With A Bullet to that list.

Assistant Comic Book Editor. Manny has been obsessed with comics since childhood. He reads some kind of comic every single day. He especially loves self-published books and dollar bin finds. 'Nuff said!
no-1-with-a-bullet-issue-two-review'No.1 With A Bullet' is truly a comic for today's social climate. But it's far from just a social/political statement, as it grounds its important themes with well written, relatable characters and some truly gorgeous art and design.