Nintendo Switch Hardware – The Good & The Bad

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console. After just under a week with the system, I’ve garnered my thoughts into a lists of positives and negatives.

Disclaimer: I’ll only be talking about Switch hardware in this article. So, no, I won’t be raving about how incredible The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is.

The Good

Screen resolution – Critics of the system can make whatever judgements they want, but after hours and hours playing Zelda and Fast RMX in handheld and tabletop mode, I’ve had only compliments to make about the 6.2 inch screen. Although on paper it’s only 720p, in reality it look absolutely fantastic and is truly astonishing when taking into account how demanding some visuals are. 

Joy-Con – I was skeptical about the Joy-Con at first. Initially, the tech seemed like a beefed up version of the Wii-Mote, which is exactly what Nintendo needed to get away from. Fortrunately, I was wrong. The Joy-Con feel comfortable and, although small, work properly for my hands.

User Interface – The Switch’s user interface is sleek, simple, and speedy. Going from the dinosaur that was the Wii U, this UI is refreshing for everyone upgrading from Nintendo’s last home console.

The Dock – There isn’t much to be said about the dock. However, its job is simple and it does it perfectly: project the system’s visuals onto your television.

The Bad

Lack of features – While I’m loving Zelda, Fast RMX, and the screenshot feature, I would’ve liked some other apps and features to explore. Considering that I can post screenshots on Twitter and Facebook directly from the system, would it have been that challenging to get those actual apps on Switch? I really doubt it.

Digital triggers – Call this a nitpick, but Nintendo’s use of digital triggers on the Switch is a negative for me. I’ve always prefered analog triggers, as they allow more freedom in racing games and genuinely feel higher quality than their digital counterparts.

Overall, the Switch is an amazing piece of technology. It’s selling like hotcakes around the world, and I hope the momentum can continue in Nintendo’s favor.

Aric Sweeny
Aric Sweeny
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