Ninja Turtles Fight As One In New Injustice 2 Gameplay Trailer

It’s been three months since NetherRealm announced its Fighter Pack 3 DLC for Injustice 2.  Since then questions arose surrounding the Ninja Turtles being a part of it.  Would they each have their own move set?  Can you play as all four at once?

NetherRealm has answered those questions by releasing the first gameplay footage of the famed group.  The trailer does a good job of showcasing each of the ninja turtles’ personalities via their intros.  Michaelangelo glides in on a skateboard, Leonardo is shown meditating, Donatello talks about coding, and Raphael forcefully removes sais from a Brainiac bot.  When the fighting begins, each one is given the opportunity to show off their moves.

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Ninja Turtles

To those fearing all four and their move sets are just carbon copies of each other like The Flash and Reverse Flash, good news, they’re not.  Every ninja turtle has a unique set of combos, acrobatic moves, and quick attacks.  Despite only being able to play as one turtle at a time, some attacks are specifically designed to show off the teamwork the brothers are known for.  Seeing Mikey kicking his skateboard in the air for Raphael to catch and hit an opponent with, and Leo hitting an opponent with a glide kick after Donnie unleashes a combo, captures the group’s “Fight as one” technique and mentality.

This is truer when you utilize their super move which can be seen in the full trailer that’s posted below.  Though no official date has been announced yet, the ninja turtles will be playable this month.  What do you think of the trailer?  Did you catch the Mortal Kombat Easter egg at the end?  Comment below!



Nick Battaglia
Nick Battaglia
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