Nicolas Winding Refn Shared His TOO YOUNG TO DIE Cast in The Most Refn Way Possible

Nicolas Winding Rein enjoys his theatrics, and he loves to indulge in artistic expression to the point where it feels like he’s trolling his critics. I submit to you evidence #462: Refn’s unveiling of his cast for Too Young to Die.

It’s nothing too shocking or avant garde, it’s just Refn doing Refn things, introducing the cast via Twitter, with headshots of the actors. The one he’s holding is especially interesting:

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Yeah that’s uh… that’s Billy Baldwin huh? Welp, it’s better than Stephen that’s for sure. Aside from Billy Baldwin making a comeback, you have an impressive cast: John Hawkes, Miles Teller, Callie Hernandez, and Jena Malone.

Reminder, Too Young To Die will be a 10-part TV miniseries. Here’s a little information on the plot from IndieWire back at the beginning of the year:

Co-written by Ed Brubaker, who also serves as executive producer, “Too Old To Die Young” explores the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles and is described as “being in a similar vein to Refn’s ‘Pusher’ trilogy, which looked at Danish criminals caught up in the drug trade. It explores various characters’ existential journeys from being killers to becoming samurai’s in the city of angels.”

Did anyone else just think about that cop show Billy Baldwin was in with Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Just me? Ok.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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