New Game Releases Farpoint The Surge Endless Space 2 and Injustice 2

A brief overview in what makes these titles special.

This week’s highlight in new game releases brings Farpoint, The Surge, Endless Space 2 and Injustice 2.  Let’s take a quick look at each and why players would want to check them out.



Releasing on May 16th, Farpoint is a first person shooter about a bug fight in a virtual world.  This sci-fi space shooter is unique because it will be one of the first of its kind to incorporate the PSVR Aim Controller. This Impulse Gear title aims to maximize on the precision the Aim Controller is capable of. That being said the game will still be compatible for traditional Dualshock 4 controller play. However it is recommended for the Aim Controller. The controller has been getting a lot of hype for points in immersion and response. This FPS will be a great test to see how well it lives up to the press.


The creators speak of a deep and meaningful narrative.  The M rating suggests that they actually meant it. Previews of the graphics give scenes of rich visual content and texture. Farpoint will arrive for most bundled with PSVR Aim Controller.

The Surge


Also making a May 16th debut, The Surge is an exo-suit RPG set in a dystopian future.  The planet earth is nearly dead and humans have tried to adapt by using mechanical enhancements.  While story suggests some predictable instances scenery and art style give this a fresh feeling from other Deck 13 titles such as Lords of the Fallen. Notwithstanding the fight system does intrigue and keep the player sharp.  The other aspects are rather role-playing game (RPG) formulaic.  The interesting gameplay aspect of this title is a dismemberment system that allows for all the gore that can be imagined with such a thing.  However it adds an interesting side car to innovative character upgrading if you get my meaning. In a world of detachable parts the bisectional man might be king.

Endless Space 2


Being released on May 19th, Endless Space 2 is a turn based science fiction strategy game. This is a PC release. Now people who are fans of this type of genre like different things than what the previous games mentioned offer. This game world is about choice and allowing the player the autonomy to build their own stories as opposed to following a scripted path. This has been captured with an array of choices.  And when using array understand it’s like nesting dolls. There are factions and minor factions.  This game delves into cultural norms, political ideologies and classes.  Most 4X games do account for population, however they are more regionally political and less socially political.

Another aspect that is different from the first Endless Space is the added concept of pressure. With political affiliations the nature of bluffing and having it called changes. Early access has allowed Amplitude Studios to rate reception of their game mods so this release should be smooth.

Injustice 2


In the realm of highly anticipated title Injustice 2 has been howled about since it was first spoken about.  Many have listed the features including complex story arc, dynamic fighting style and oh yes customization efforts as points of excitement.  Injustice 2 provides familiar characters in a new story.  Beyond the new Metaverse, or the mobile innovations this is a Justice League year.  With Batman versus Superman carrying ideas from the previous game Injustice: Gods Among Us, it hard not to wonder. Will aspects of this story in this game make their way into the DC Extended Universe?  For many gamers there’s going to be only one way to find out.

How do you feel about the games being released this week?  Comment below.

Christina Freeman
Christina Freeman
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