All New LEGO for 2017: Toy Fair Exclusive Coverage

Every year, the Toy Industry Association hosts Toy Fair International, where brands across the world come to show their 2017 lines, and this includes LEGO. As a member of the press, I was lucky enough to get a walk through of LEGO’s booth this year and in doing so can bring some of the new upcoming sets of interest right to your door.


The new Marvel lines coming out this year are pretty phenomenal. The new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set has some cool new pieces with it. Bright pink though they may be, LEGO fans will be excited to see the new rotating monster. Some of the Mighty Micros are already out and some are going to be out later this year. If you haven’t picked up the Ms. Marvel set, ok the Captain America set that comes with Ms. Marvel if we’re being particular, you’re missing out.



Although I wasn’t allowed to video or photograph the embargoed LEGOs, the LEGO rep informed me that some of the Star Wars sets coming out this fall will relate to Episode VIII, because of course. In addition, some of the sets we did get to see that won’t be coming out until later this year were looking mighty snazzy. For the records, this year’s Star Wars advent calendar comes complete with BB-8 wearing a Santa hat on a snowboard. Yes, go ahead, watch the video at 1:20.


This year’s Toy of the Year in the Action Figure category was Mattel’s DC Super Hero Girls. Not to be outdone, LEGO will be releasing a line of DC Super Hero Girls this year as well. The Super Hero High is fantastic. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, this is going to be one of the LEGO sets of the year. Note that the high school specifically has no stairs because all the girls fly. There are also individual sets for some of the girls at lower price points. If you want to fast forward straight to the DC Super Hero Girls, go to 3:32.


There’s a lot of LEGO to be excited for in 2017. If you want some additional non-superhero specific coverage, you can check out more from the LEGO booth here.


What comics based sets do you want to see LEGO bring in?

Karen Walsh
Karen Walsh
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