New Fossil is Named After Hardcore Punk Legend Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is what many would call “a jack of all trades”. Aside from being the former front man for Black Flag, arguably the most highly influential hardcore punk band ever formed, he is also a writer, author, spoken word artist, comedian, actor, radio and television host, activist, and as of  this week he is the name of a fossil. Rollinschaeta myoplena is a  newly discovered prehistoric fire worm that is a relative of modern day leeches and earthworms. Aside from having a name that sounds like an 80’s hardcore punk band, it also shares the Rollins trademark of a strong muscly figure. Though it is unlikely that the worm scared off predators through the use of harsh menacing vocals, the University of Bristol felt the desire to pay homage to the hardcore legend. However, this is not his first debut into the world of paleontology. Back in 2007 a species of jelly fish was named Amphinema rollinsi after the Punk Rock God because the person who named him happened to be a fan. Henry Rollins Fossil

Though Rollins might be one of the first major hardcore punk rock icons to have been acknowledged among the world of paleontology, he is one of several famous musicians and celebrities to have their names fossilized. Such music icons include Carole King, Frank Zappa, Ozzy Ozbourne, Bob Marley, Mick Jaggar, Jerry Garcia, Shakira, and a surprising amount of others. Though it does not look as though Jello Biafra or Glenn Danzig will be getting a fossil named after them anytime soon, hardcore punk will now forever immortalized among scholars, archaeologists, and paleontologists through this Henry Rollins fossil. It is starting to look as though in case his massive assortment of projects and occupations do not end up working out then he just might have some luck at paleontology.


Sam Casale
Sam Casale
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