New Creative Teams And Projects From DC Coming This Spring

DC Comics has released their February 2016 solicits, and three books will feature new creative teams. Writer Tim Seeley and artist Juan Ferreyra will begin their run on New Suicide Squad with #17, writer Greg Pak and artist Noel Rodriguez will take over Teen Titans with #17, and writer Dan Abnett will join artist Vicente Cifuentes on Aquaman starting with #49. Since DC’s reboot, neither Teen Titans nor Suicide Squad have seen the kind of success enjoyed by some of DC’s other books, and though Aquaman has enjoyed enormous popularity under Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, the current creative has come under much fan criticism. Whether Geoff Johns’ recent remarks on Twitter about “getting the band back together” regarding Aquaman means the Abnett/Cifuentes team will be temporary remains to be seen.

Also of note:

  • The long-awaited Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette has been given an advanced solicit and will be released April 6. The project will shy away from the warrior woman portrayal now popular, returning the character to the intelligent healer William Marston originally intended her to be.
  • The first issue of Neal Adams’ six-issue miniseries Superman: The Coming of the Supermen will be released in February, and Adams will also be providing multiple variant covers for that month, each serving as homages to his many classic DC covers.
  • In place of Justice League, February will see the release of the extra-sized Justice League: Darkseid War Special by Geoff Johns and Oscar Jimenez, continuing the ongoing Darkseid War storyline.
  • DC will be launching Coloring DC, their adult coloring book line, in March, with black-and-white versions of Hush and Mad Love set to be released.
  •  Finally, in yet another advanced solicit, the long-awaited Gotham Central omnibus, collecting the critically acclaimed run by Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, and Michael Lark, is slated for a May release.

Read DC’s full February 2016 solicitations here.

Nikolai Fomich
Nikolai Fomich
Nikolai Fomich is a Philadelphia-based writer and teacher. He loves comics, literature, and film, and takes moderate pleasure in describing himself in the third-person.